Understanding Monobenzone and Benoquin Cream

Monobenzone is a compound used in the formulation of Benoquin creams to treat specifically vitiligo.
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london, United Kingdom (prHWY.com) October 16, 2012 - Monobenzone is a compound used in the formulation of Benoquin creams to treat specifically vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by loss of skin pigment, resulting in white patches or spots on a person's skin. In the United States alone, there are from 2 - 4 million people aged 10-30 years old affected by vitiligo. The exact cause of vitiligo is not immediately known, but experts relate the disorder to autoimmune diseases like thyroid disease, and also to premature graying of hair. Vitiligo could be hereditary, and is not limited to race or gender.

There are several ways of treating vitiligo, and one of the most effective is the application of Benoquin cream, which is a widely popular commercial product of monobenzone. The cream contains 20% of the compound and can be used to treat vitiligo effectively. If you are suffering from vitiligo and would like to use the cream as treatment, it will be best if you consult first your doctor or dermatologist to get sufficient information about the medication. Generally, complete results will start to show in 2 months, in some cases up to 4 months.. You may have to continue applying the cream but not as frequently as before - just to maintain your desired skin color.

Applying the monobenzone-based benoquin should strictly follow the doctor's instructions. A common method is applying a thin film of the cream evenly on the affected area twice each day. It may cause patches when not applied evenly. And do not increase the dosage just because you are in a hurry to see results. Also remember that when you use the cream, your skin becomes extra sensitive to sunlight, so have the proper protection for your skin. It should be properly covered and applied with a sunscreen lotion. Avoid long and direct exposure to sunlight; and do not engage in outdoor activities while your skin is undergoing medication.

The cream is not recommended for people with skin ailments like berlock dermatitis, freckles, lever spots, age spots, and other skin deformations. If you don't have vitiligo but wants to lighten your skin, the cream could be dangerous, because it is not like a skin bleaching agent or any skin lightening creams. If you have vitiligo and use the benoquin cream with monobenzone, the milder side effects may include drying and peeling of the skin, irritation and redness. If you experience more serious side effects such as swelling, rashes and skin discoloration, bring it immediately to the doctor's attention.

It is advisable to mix the cream with either almond oil or olive oil to obtain depigmentation and to minimize the drying of your skin. Be patient while waiting for the results to show. The cure will appear gradually from day to day, as you continue the application. As soon as you achieved your desired result, see your doctor again for further instruction. He/She may advise you to continue the medication but at a less dosage or less frequency, so you can maintain your skin color. You can buy this cream online or from the many drug stores nationwide.

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