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MyRevolution. is an unique online store built on a whole new premise. The website enables easy access to a range of natural products and supplements, as well as books and DVDs, meant to help an individual to create a highly functional, strong, health
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KRYLBO, Norway (prHWY.com) October 14, 2012 - There is a popular misconception regarding the fact that losing weight is strenuous and frustrating process that relies on dull diet plans and crushing exercises. Millions of people around the globe are looking for highly effective ways of losing weight and staying in a good shape for the years to come, following all sorts of schemes and plans that often fail to provide long-lasting results. But they are not aware that it is actually possible to burn pounds and inches in a very short time frame and keep them off, while still being able to eat the favorite foods. It has been discovered that high protein, low carb diets speed up the losing weight process and additionally, they help to rebuild cellular tissue into their original state, especially after strenuous activities. This means that protein powder addresses both processes, losing weight and building muscles, although these processes should be consecutive, not simultaneous. The bottom line is that protein represents an important nutrient that you must have in your diet when you are trying to create a highly functional and good-looking body. And if you are interested in a high quality product, myrevolution.no is the one place to go!

On myrevolution.no you can find the best beste proteinpulver, with the highest quality and purity and an excellent taste. Not to mention that it tastes great and it has the most affordable price on the market! What makes the proteinpulver provided on myrevolution.no so special is the fact that it is obtained through innovative processes, using cutting-edge technologies, which keeps the highest level of BCA, glutamine, as well as certain substances that boost the power of the immune system. This is a unique product contains the highest level of proteins, over 90%, and virtually lack lactose and fat. It is a fact that few people actually get the needed amount of protein from their daily meals and they need to take protein supplement to fill that gap. Whey protein powder is one of the most common to dieters and particularly those who are sensitive to lactose or those who are vegetarian, because it can be easily absorbed by the body and provides results in the shortest possible time frame. Preparing a protein shake is quite easy and the greatest thing is that on myrevolution.no you can find products that taste excellent, like strawberries, chocolate, which is highly important for people who drink these shakes on a regular basis.

Furthermore, you are interested in gå ned i vekt, you should try to fin out more about Kreatin. It is widely accepted that creatine boosts muscle building and enhance athletic performance, because it virtually stimulates the protein production in order to generate better and faster results. But few people know that creatine is also recommended for the losing weight process, for it contains zero calories, carbohydrates and fats. Many studies has shown that creatine supplementation for a long time frame, 8-12 weeks, speeds the fat loss process, increases lean muscle mass, as well as metabolic rate. Along with protein supplements, creatine is an important weight loss and muscle building stimulator, especially if it is combined with the right eating plan. If you want to learn more or buy products at the most affordable prices on the market, you should visit myrevolution.no, a company that is striving to create a reputation of excellent in this field of activity and to offer great customer experiences.

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