The GXG as best international option for US Companies and Canadian Companies Listing or Going Public (IPO)

The Official Broker Dealer of the GXG Markets in the UK is IFXBG Limited, an FSA registered and regulated firm. IFXBG is an all in one firm, encompassing both the Transfer Agent services as well as the Brokerage Account and Broker Sponsor Services.
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Los Angeles, CA ( October 11, 2012 - The GXG Markets, formerly the Dansk, has been steadily growing as the only OTC Market within Europe that still accepts US companies without a prospectus document. The sophisticated investor stock exchange implies a high quality of investor, and knowledgeable.

The GXG Marketstakes 2-3 weeks to list and clear shares for trading. Within the US Stock Markets and Canadian Stock Markets listing often takes 6-12 months, often even longer.

The problem with listing in the US is all of the different regulatory bodies that have little to no unity in their decision making process, it is a series of gate keepers. First is an S1 application which can take 3-12 months to complete depending on the commenting by the Securities and Exchange Commission. During this whole period the company must maintain its reporting status with costly audits and filing fees, legal fees, and compliance notices. Step 2 is finding a Broker Dealer who will file the appropriate form to yet another self-regulatory body, FINRA who establishes the trading symbol which can take 2-3 months. Lastly, in order to trade the security within the US, the Bureauratic establishment of the Depository Trust, which is supposed to be just a clearing system like CREST or Euroclear, requires clarification that the company is not a shell. Often DTC doesn't approve or delays the approval of trading and clearing of companies. One of the biggest issues globally for clearing US stock is the local establishment of the Depository Trust (DTC) which acts as a gatekeeper and unnecessary delay for private companies to clear shares overseas and for listed firms locally. Sadly, once a firm is listed on the OTCBB, investors often can not deposit the shares with broker dealers, due to the Broker Dealers requiring after all of the applications with the SEC, FINRA, and DTC, another compliance requirement based on legal opinions of shell status, penny stock, and legitimate acquisition of shares duly issued.

It is no wonder American Companies are flocking to Europe with a regulatory and bureaucratic pandora's box for listing within the US.

Many firms have chosen to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the world leading listing consultants FSE Listings Inc. Recently in discussions with the management of of FSE Listings they have indicated that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has drastically changed their operations and definition of how they file companies. Before, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange did not require a Prospectus document, however, as of July 1 2012, all firms applying for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange need to apply for the Frankfurt Entry Standard with a prospectus, and the Open Market (OTC) is now closed. All firms listed on the Frankfurt Open Market have until the end of 2012 to file their respective prospectus and apply for acceptance to the Entry Standard. Therefore, the cost of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has changed from only 60,000 euro to 200,000 euro or more including sponsoring banks, valuations, audit, legal, market maker, and prospectus. As a regulated market, the Frankfurt is no longer a "Open Market" or an OTC Board. There is still an OTC Board, the 2nd Quotation Board, however, this is limited to dual listing of companies.
The Berlin Stock Exchange has simply closed their doors to non-German companies for new listings, unless otherwise listed already on an Exchange in their domestic market.

Therefore, the most popular options of listing on the Berlin, Frankfurt or OTCBB domestically are cost prohibitive, regulatory webs of despair for new companies trying to go public. With the right consultants such as IFXBG Limited, a European Specialist in navigating the admissions requirements, it is still possible to list your firm on these markets, but it is not for all companies.

Within Canada, the CNSX Market is the closest one has to an OTC Market, as all other TSX related exchanges require strict compliance to reporting standards that make it cost prohibitive and addition to inability for new companies to go public and list on Canadian Stock Exchanges ,
UK Stock Exchange who may not qualify. The CNSX has distribution requirements of 100-200 people, acceptance depending on Canadian origin of Directors, location of company, Canadian reporting standards, and having a broker sponsor. The process of listing on any exchange in Canada takes 6-12 months or more. Once listed, Broker financing often comes at the price of broker warrants which dilutes the market and suppresses growth and price increase in share value. As a very complex market with regulatory hurdles for entry, once listed, maintaining the value of your company is extremely difficult unless the firm has proven local support by more than one broker dealer and network of analysts.
In contrast, the GXG Markets first tier OTC Markets has no prospectus requirements, has no regulatory blocks on which Country you list from, and is very quick for listing. Although it is possible to gain value from Canadian listings, the GXG Markets is still a better choice for new exploration companies in Mining, Technology Companies, firms with Patented Technology, Energy Companies, Green Companies, and companies with an international focus.
The Official Broker Dealer of the GXG Markets in the UK is IFXBG Limited, an FSA registered and regulated firm. IFXBG is an all in one firm, encompassing both the Transfer Agent services as well as the Brokerage Account and Broker Sponsor Services to list the firm. In addition, as a regulated company, IFXBG has a code of ethics and business quality standard above all other consultants in the field of Go Public services. Several unlicensed capital firms and consultants profess to have the skills and ethics, but at the end of the day, there is no regulation of the quality of service they deliver to your firm. IFXBG delivers quality and has the assurance of being a registered Broker Dealer.
Regardless of the exchange you are listed on, IFXBG can assist your firm in financing through the formation of investment grade bonds and financing. Bond's are the world's method of choice for borrowing funds globally since the onset of the recession. As a secure investment vehicle, bonds offer companies the funds they need now and investors the security to invest.
The GXG Markets is the best market for new US companies to list on a European Stock Exchange,Plus markets however, you need to work with a full service firm like IFXBG. The combination of being your transfer agent, clearing house, brokerage house, sponsor, corporate advisor, public relations, and finance company makes IFXBG Limited the leading investment Bank of choice for entering the European Stock Market GXG Markets. For more information on listing or IFXBG's services contact
Here are the steps to take to list on the GXG Markets:
1. Engage the Corporate Sponsor and Broker Dealer IFXBG (
2. Perform the due diligence required for compliance of the Exchange and FSA
3. File for admission the companies documentation as prepared by the GXG Broker IFXBG Limited
4. The Company is listed within a week of application


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