Wells Fargo Fell Victim to Cyber Attacks

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Beaverton, OR (prHWY.com) October 9, 2012 - Oct-3rd-2012 - Wells Fargo was the latest victim this week to fall prey to cyber-attacks. A group claiming responsibility for the attacks said their motive was to get even for the blasphemous anti-Islam movie posted on YouTube, they demanded that the movie be taken off immediately. The incident affected Wells Fargo's website after complaints began to pour in from customers. Almost all of their customers experienced difficulty logging onto wells Fargo's website.

Just two week ago, giant financial institutions like J.P Morgan Chase as well as Bank of America had their websites attacked. When users try to log-in with their credentials, they receive an error message. Bank of America registered nearly 330 complaints of this nature.

Authorities had been trying to determine who is behind these attacks, and what are their motives? Nonetheless, the authorities didn't have to dig deep, as a group known as 'cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam' came forward and claimed responsibility for the attacks. Their motive was to punish America for publishing a controversial anti-Islam film on the social media site 'YouTube'. This controversial film had already stirred mass riots across the world, both in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

A statement by the by cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam says, "In the previous announcements we stated that we will not tolerate insulting exalted character of the prophet of mercy and kindness." In another, most recent post, they write "Due to the insult, we planned and accomplished a series of cyber operations against the insulting country's credit and financial centers."

The group will continue to attack various institutions until the video is removed by YouTube. According to data security analyst Jonathan ladd of New Softwares.net, Cyber terrorism is as serious as real terrorism. He recommends that individuals as well as large institutions protect their key data with the latest in data security softwares, as e-terrorists can do more significant damage by corrupting key organizational data, rather than just flooding the their websites with excess traffic.

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