Hot Penny Stock - How to earn money?

Do you want to earn extra money or do you want to multiply your income? If answer to these questions is Yes then Penny stocks is one of the great way to do so.
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Clay, AL ( September 26, 2012 - Do you want to earn extra money or do you want to multiply your income? If answer to these questions is Yes then Penny stocks is one of the great way to do so. You can quickly earn or multiply your income if you know about this market properly and have right pick. In recent years people have seen that economy has surely captured our stock market. Market has become unreliable and recession is also prolonged. Even for many of them, penny stocks have not proved good because it became method to lose money. This is the reason why one should be able to select the best pick from this market and keep good confidence. This can ensure you and you can get an opportunity to earn money.

As per the current situation, stock market is completely unreliable. It is also swinging that is why it has created a pressure on investors. Investors are now slowly switching towards the investment in blue chip stocks. They know very well that if they will invest in blue chip stocks than it will be safer for them. They will surely get the return on their investment. Same kind of principles also applies to penny stocks. If you are interested in applying the same principle to such stocks then you should select the stocks that are being invested in safer industries or commodities. As per today's economy, it is better to invest in gold. So, to get the best of the whole world, chance of higher return and safety, you should insist to purchase the gold penny stocks. This can be considered as the best one in the market and it can also earn you good amount.

Here are some examples of best to trade penny stocks. The first pick is Claude Resources. This is considered as gold penny stock. This institute has got new gold mines and other kind of mines as well. They have almost double in size in the year 2010. Claude Resource has come up with strong showing in 2011 and they were only on the figure of under $2 per share.

One more company to look is Great Basin Gold Ltd. This is another company related to gold mines. They have very good and consistent growth from last some of the years. They have also announced that they are adding some more large sites for mining. They are having continued expansion and also have possibility to expand further. This is considered as stable stock and it can also offer higher returns to the client.

Mexico gold mining has got somewhat low key and it is not that much explored stock. But, with the development of company Kimber Resources they are now developing mines and initially started with three. This company has seen the growth of 152% in the year 2011. This can be another good stock to look for. Last but not the least is Minco Gold. This is having main focus on gold mining in Asia. They have given very good return last year to the investors. These are some of the best stocks to invest in penny stocks.

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