Money Making Sports Betting Systems For Average People

New website by Scandinavian journalist promises to teach anyone how to become profitable with sports betting systems.
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Lund, Sweden ( September 6, 2012 - Betting is an activity that has been around for ages. Some consider it little more than just another gambling activity, like winning the lottery. And in certain locations it is even formally considered illegal. However, lately a growing number of people have begun to rate sports betting as an interesting form of investment, one that has a huge growth potential.

Scandinavian journalist Mikael Berglund has ventured into this lucrative but treacherous game in recent years, and now he has started a new blog where he is openly sharing his results.

Opportunities for placing both live an online bets has increased significantly in recent times. With a quickly growing number of sports and markets available.

This has led to somewhat of a paradigm shift, where more and more people are no longer betting merely for entertainment but with the intent of making serious money. As "average citizens" are becoming part-time or in some cases even semi-professional sport traders, the role of the professional handicapper has changed somewhat. Instead of merely placing his own bets and playing his own systems, there is now a huge market for sharing his advice and picks with other prospective sports investors.

The problem is that not all professional sports pick services are created equal, and there is a multitude of different sports and strategies one could potentially follow. Combined with a diverse terminology and the seemingly random team performances there are plenty of pitfalls for the beginner. There are many of factors that determine how much you can earn.

Mikael Berglund found himself in that very position a couple of years ago. He started out rather sceptical of the whole concept of serious sports investing. But today he is convinced that it is not only a very valid form of investing, it is something that virtually anyone can make money with - provided that he or she get started with the right strategies and system.

To that end he recently launched a new blog called Sports Betting System Review . As the name implies, the site contains reviews of some of the most popular professional pick services and systems out there.

The site also features a newsletter titled the "The 7 deadly sins of sports betting" that is designed to help the beginner avoid some of the most common mistakes.

In the near future the site will also get many additional guides, covering various aspects of winning sports betting.

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Mikael Berglund
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