The Greenest of the Green Cleaning Products That Won't Cost the Earth

Industrial cleaning is no longer a headache thanks to Fresh Clean. With a wide range of commercial cleaning products it takes care of all cleaning needs at affordable prices.
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Iver, United Kingdom ( June 7, 2010 - For Immediate Release

Fresh Clean offers a real alternative in the world of green cleaning products that won't cost the earth.

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, 3rd June 2010 - It is official - the statistics are in and Fresh Clean is the clear winner when it comes to green cleaning products. Most green cleaning products have focussed on the chemicals used to create the products themselves, ensuring that they are less harmful to the environment. However, Fresh Clean has taken the idea of green cleaning products very much farther, getting rid of both 99% of the packaging - normally finding its way to landfill as well as cutting down on the massive carbon footprint - normally ignored in transporting large volumes of liquids and chemicals around the country.

Fresh Clean product is delivered in undiluted powder form and can be diluted using nothing more than tap water wherever and whenever it's needed, and in whatever quantity it's needed, drastically cutting down on storage. A typical delivery capacity of a single lorry transporting Fresh Clean around the country would normally take 326 lorries if the same amount of cleaner were to be delivered in a diluted form, as is the case with almost every other example of green cleaning products on the market.

For companies looking to help protect the environment, buying green cleaning products is a good start, but when most green cleaning products are still causing massive environmental damage through manufacture, packaging and transportation the benefits become very much diluted.

But because dilution is the key to the way Fresh Clean works, the benefits are truly global, helping to cut down on the cost of manufacture, packaging and transportation, as well as cutting down on the cost of buying green cleaning products and on storage. Because Fresh Clean can be used for almost any cleaning job, from floors to kitchens, it's a universal cleaning product that is really making a difference.

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About Fresh Clean

Fresh Clean is the revolutionary new alternative in green cleaning products, massively reducing the carbon footprint caused by cleaning products and saving the cost of cleaning at the same time.


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