You are looking to gather information together so that a quick and fast prospectus

It must convey concisely, in non-technical language and in an appropriate structure, the key information relevant to the securities which are the subject of the prospectus and, when read with the rest of the prospectus, must be an aid to investors.
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London, United Kingdom ( September 5, 2012 - This article therefore is a comprehensive description of the building blocks that you will need to organize to list on the London, GXG, Frankfurt, or other EU stock exchanges or for raising capital within Europe.
The prospectus and Annex is based on a building block approach of items gathered for disclosure purposes. Firstly, if you are in the UK or EU you need to have these basics ready and prepared before working with a firm to build a prospectus document:

The corporate business plan
Financial projections and Financials (preferably audited)
The assets and liabilities, financial position, profits and losses, shareholder debts, registrations, and shareholder register
All corporate documents to review the rights attached to the transferable securities and or appointment and change thereof. Including Minute Books, Resolutions, Director information and due diligence, asset purchase agreements, valuations, and
Pro forma and financials, list of debts, securities, notes, guarantees, asset backed securities and or offerings of bonds, derivatives, depository receipts, bank registrations, indentures, prior offering documents and subscribers
All contracts related to services offered by the company, revenue earned by the company, and method of reporting and collecting the revenue
All contracts related to the assets of the company, ownership, and transferability
All contracts related to service providers, expenses, investments, and debts owed by the company
All material liabilities and lists of such liabilities including debts, law suits, potential lawsuits, or threats there of liabilities.
Disclosure of any partnership, collective investment, and or commitments made
The shareholder lists and for what consideration the shares where issued, all related back-up documentation
Any reports, third party valuations, analysis, or industry reports produced on behalf of the company or the assets held within the company
The total amount of funds required for funding purposes
Use of the funds, including detailed description of per item sale cost, manufacturing cost, service cost, asset cost, to fully breakdown all uses of the funds. Contracts and or quotes that support the estimated expenses and investment usage.
the rights attaching to the transferable securities

In addition to the required information, a professional can assist with converting Prospectus documents from other jurisdictions, where the order of the items does not coincide with the order of the information provided for in the schedules and building blocks according to which
the prospectus is drawn up, the [FSA] may ask the issuer, the offeror or the person asking for the admission to trading on a regulated market to provide a cross reference list for the purpose of checking the prospectus before its approval. Such list shall identify the pages where each
item can be found in the prospectus or where additions have been made to an existing prospectus to meet the requirements of the FSA.

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