Shingles Symptoms - Red Painful Rashes.

Shingles is the skin problem which is cause due to the chicken pox virus. The symptoms of shingles are common they are like red bumps blisters filled with fluid which can infect other part if scratched or rubbed.
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Norcross, GA ( February 24, 2011 - Shingles is a skin disease which is caused due to the virus of chicken pox. There is much difference in chicken pox and shingles which created confusion. Shingles are not contagious and they do not spread. Thesymptoms of shingles are to be found common for those who are diagnosed. If you notice there are some red rashes on the body which like in bump rising from the skin and in this blisters there are infected virus fluid which spreads to other body part. Shingles symptoms are in different types also like how one is been diagnosed according to that. The blisters which are filled with fluid can burst if one rubs or scratch the infected area. This fluid comes out of the bumps and then it spreads to the other part of the skin. After blisters appear it takes almost 2-3 weeks to heal and later it gets dry and only scars remains. There are various symptoms of shingles but various shingles treatment are also available. Home remedies or allopathic are the options to get rid from the shingles.

Shingles are like rashes and it itches a lot and irritates in pain if one rub it. The more you rub the more irritation and itchiness increases so one should take care about it; this was another symptom of shingles. One can find this Shingles symptoms affecting body parts including eyes, face, legs, chest, back and even head. It looks weird when one is diagnosed to it. Now a days many shingles treatment are been provided by doctors in clinic or hospitals. As the days pass you may feel different types of sensation which one has never experienced before like burning, tingling, aching, itching, lighting blot and lot more. all the above are the symptoms of shingles but other shingles symptoms which are non specific which can occur at the time of diagnosed is the headache, fever, weakness and lot more.
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