How Voice over IP Works?

You may be wondering what VoIP is and how exactly it works. You may have heard the words Voip broadband phone before.
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New York, NY ( February 11, 2011 - You may be wondering what VoIP is and how exactly it works. You may have heard the words Voip broadband phone before. Well essentially it's some sort of software or hardware that lets you make calls over the internet. Because the calls are spending most of their time floating around as a digital signal handled by your hosted pbx providers, the cost to manage those calls is almost negligible. As a result you save a lot of money on phone calls.

Many people have used a computer and a microphone to record a human voice or other sounds. The process involves sampling the sound that is heard by the computer at a very high rate (at least 8,000 times per second or more) and storing those "samples" in memory or in a file on the computer. Each sample of sound is just a very tiny bit of the person's voice or other sound recorded by the computer. The computer has the wherewithal to take all of those samples and play them, so that the listener can hear what was recorded.

Business hosted Voip is based on the same idea, but the difference is that the audio samples are not stored locally. Instead, they are sent over the IP network to another computer and played there.

To understand how it works you need to understand a few basic things. You get your internet connection into your home or office through a modem. Then that internet connection is shared to multiple computers or devices through a router. Or you might have a combined modem router.

If you've used something like Skype before you'll know that you can use software on your computer with a bluetooth Voip headset or with your computers microphone and make calls to anyone around the world. Another way that voice over IP can work is through hardware. This hardware is called a voice box, ATA or VoIP phone adapter.

This 'voice box' connects to your router just like a computer would; it's basically just another device on your network. Then you take an ordinary phone and plug it into the voice box and it becomes a small Voip phone system. Then your VoIP provider talks to your phone through the voice box, allowing you to make and receive calls over the internet with an ordinary phone.

In USA business Voip calling plans tend to involve large discounts for multiple lines and often start with local and national calls. If your business makes a lot of calls then VoIP can save you thousands of dollars over the long term.

AVAD's Hosted VoIP Solutions for small business allows your business be more productive and avoid the hassles and expense of buying and managing your own phone system. We allow you to push the operation and expense of your communications service to us, and we bundle together all the services you need on a single bill - including voice service and phones, business Voip telephone, local and long distance calling minutes, hosted email, and hosted web services.

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