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Imagine how disappointed you would be if after spending days and weeks planning and organizing your event no one showed up.
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LONDON, United Kingdom ( February 9, 2011 - Event promotion is not a picnic. Let have a mental play.

Imagine you need 50 people to fill your next concert. Last time you've tried to fill the 50 seats by posting on Facebook, Myspace, sending email to your contacts, inviting friend, and spreading some flyers around the city, you end up with only 18 people, and it took you 30 hours of work time.

Imagine how disappointed you would be if after spending days and weeks planning and organizing your event no one showed up.

You know what, most events fail not because of planning or execution, but because of the marketing of the event itself. Simple event listings and mailing to your personal list is never enough. MySpace is nearly useless and there is too much clutter to fight through on other social networks.

Now, Imagine you and your bother band are member of Goodbuzz, and belong to some local network of Brass bands or Jazz bands.? If there are 15 bands in your local network and they accept to help you spread the word about your next concerts, and each has 250 email contacts, you reach 3700 people. If conversion rate is 2%, you end up with 75 people willing to attend your event from your peers referrals.

If you add to that they could post your concert announcement on their Facebook and Myspace profile, you may end up selling out weeks ahead of your concert. You'll feel relaxed, and view life differently.

What is new here? ?Nothing. Event organizers or trade show organizer, promoters, bands, clubs, etc. are doing this peer referral system already in a way or another with scattered tools. is not a revolution. It is just here to help to make things simpler and easier.? It gives bands a tool that they didn't have in the past, which is to get in front of another band's entire fans and contacts without having to negotiate with them 1 on 1.

This is the big idea. You have all of the online event promotion tools you need in one place. And your partners, inside or outside the system, could use it to help you spread your word. You can even send referral request to people outside of the Goodbuzz program, still they can use the system to send you referrals.

How it works?
* Step 1: I have an event or an activity that needs promotion
* Step 2: I go to
* Step 3: I Create my promotional materials (emails, social network message, banners, Flyers, Posters, SMS, etc.)
* Step 4: Then I ask my peers (or connections in the system) to relay my message to their contacts.
* Step 5: My peers or connections will pick my marketing materials, and use their communication channels (mailing list, website, blogs, display spaces, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace profiles) to spread the word about my event.
* Step 6: This is all done in one place, inside the program.

Your campaign will be relayed simultaneously by several peers to hundreds of contacts. Your promotion reaches so many people so quickly that your event becomes a success.

Here's the best part, you don't pay your peers when they recommend your events, and your peers don't have to pay you when you recommend their event to your contacts. So it's a FREE referral network.

When you join and build networks, you can access hundreds of people. For example in my GoodBuzz network, I have 40 peers. Those peers are all willing to promote my stuff. I reached about 32,000 people, through my partners and their contacts, for my last concert! It sold out 3 weeks ahead.

Why we have created Goodbuzz?
If you've ever tried to promote an event you probably know that it's no picnic. Event promotion is really difficult, stressful and costly. Simple event listings and mailing list is never enough. MySpace is nearly useless and there is too much clutter to fight through on other social networks.

The idea of a "peer referral network for event promotion" started, about 3 years ago, as a way to help a desperate friend. Then we invited more people to try it. But slowly and steadily things started to take off, more and more people were joining. And you know what - We got excited.

Basically, we have created Goodbuzz to help event organizers who don't have a lot of money to promote their event. They can use the peer referral system to reach more people in less time than they ever thought possible. But recently, we have seen companies with lot of money using GoodBuzz, and we have asked them why, and they've said it's because the system works better than the other event promotion tactics they were using.

From then, we knew that this idea had the power to transform the whole event marketing and promotion industry.
Is it for you?

GoodBuzz is for you if you have tried to promote your event with any other event promotion methods but face lot of stress, uncertainty and lost money. Goodbuzz helps you promote your event fast.

We discovered with our in house survey that:

* Events organizers using Goodbuzz has seen their event success increased by 78%,
* 52% have events that sold out several days in advance,
* 98% will recommend Goodbuzz to other events promoter or organizers
* 99% saw events promotion cost decreased by at least 7 folds, and
* Above ALL enjoy the stress free process of Goodbuzz cooperative promotion system.

Thousands of artists and bands are using Goodbuzz. So many people can't be wrong. Join us today.

Before we conclude, let me summary the main benefits of Goodbuzz:

1. Less Sweat, Less Stress, for Event Marketing and Promotions.
2. Save time: Your partners and your events promotion tools in one place.
3. Reach new audience: your message reaches people who you will never hear about you without your peers' referrals. Receive referrals worth thousand of dollars for Free.
4. Something money can't buy: stop worrying about attendance.

I can only suggest that you put what I've written to test.
Start your free trial now. Here is your link to sign up:

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