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Arizona, AR (prHWY.com) August 2, 2012 - July 02 , 2012 - The cost of a college education is rising at a frightening pace around the world today and many are wondering if they can or even should go back to school because of the expenses involved. Some are afraid of the debt load they will graduate with while others simply see no way they can get into a school that offers a major they are truly passionate about. Today, however, students have a new option in where they can turn to get help and, in the process, earn a chance to win a free Apple iPad. The best part is, the giveaway is not just limited to students who sign up for the site, it is also available to those who want to donate to a student's education at any level they might choose to give.

This revolutionary new concept in funding educations is known as Student Follow, a site designed specifically to help donors connect with students who need help paying for their educations. The concept is simple: plenty of people want to do good and help others get a college education, but they do not know the best way to go about doing so. This is where Student Follow comes in and allows simple, painless college donations to be made to whichever students listed on their site a given donor finds to be most deserving of their donation. It really is that simple and like other simple concepts such as craigslist, Ebay and Facebook, the founders of Student Follow are hoping the concept catches on.

Experts agree that the rising cost of a college education is a significant barrier to many achieving this vital step towards greater earning potential. Not everyone is eligible for the scholarships and financial aid they may need and this can keep plenty of students out of school deeply regretting not being able to attend. A service like Student Follow offers a chance for an average person to help a student who truly needs it and get the kind of help that just might make the difference between going to college or being forced to sit on the sidelines as others achieve their dreams.

The iPad giveaway is easy to enter and only requires that a student or potential donor create an account on Student Follow. There is no obligation and the site costs nothing at all to join. Once 1,000 members have joined, the iPad will be given to a lucky winner chosen at random.

To learn more about Student Follow and sign up for the giveaway, visitors should head to http://www.studentfollow.com right now. Here they can discover how quick and easy it is to make a profile and start getting involved.

Contact info:
Doug Weber
4145 E. Maplewood St.
Gilbert, Arizona
Phone number: 602-717-1818
Email address: doug@studentfollow.com


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