Folder Lock Security Features Further Enhanced In Response To Shocking Data Theft Study

In today's day and age, hackers are able to steal data from your PC without you ever noticing it, for them it's like taking candy from a baby. Luckily, you can safeguard your data using the latest in data encryption technology.
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Beaverton, OR ( July 29, 2012 - July-27-2012 - United Kingdom - According to study conducted by European Association for Visual Data Security, a different kind of thief might be sitting next to you at the local coffee shop. No, this thief is not interested in stealing tangible items from you; he's more interested in the data stored on your laptop computer. Without you ever noticing their presence, thieves can be looking over your shoulder, while you are preoccupied with your work. These thieves could be working for a competitor, stalking you out, determined to steal company related data that can benefit their employer, or they could be identity thieves who believe that you have access to data on consumer credit cards or social security numbers, this fact is especially true if you work in the ecommerce industry. According to Jonathan Ladd, these e-criminals work in teams, they'll first scope you out and notice your daily routine, what time and how often you visit the coffee shop. Later, they may also strike a conversation with you, just to find out more about your career background, what you do at work and your job title. Though, you may think that you are simply having a casual conversation, you may be giving away critical information to these crooks. Ladd further adds, once they figure out your worth, it's only a matter of time before they hack into your laptop, via wireless connection at your local coffee shop. Once they have access to your laptop's hard-drive, they can easily steal company related data, to make matters worse, you won't suspect a thing, until you begin to notice the negative impact that specific data leak had on your organization. Finally, Ladd strongly recommends: never disclose any information to strangers, be it at the local coffee shop or at any public wireless network, he emphasis that people who have critical data stored on laptops should have it protected with data protection software such as Folder Lock which has recently been upgraded to version 7.1.1. These updates included improved data encryption capabilities and users are able to upload their encrypted data quicker on Folder Lock's cloud server.

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