Mulino Bianco - the story behind the scenes !

Your cup of tea or coffee never feels the same without your favourite pastries and biscuits .It is these add-on snacks that bring along the special touch of satisfaction to your preferred hot beverage.
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london, United Kingdom ( July 29, 2012 - Now that we have emphasized the contribution of these often-overlooked pastries in our daily lives, it will be interesting to analyse the consumer preferences for these food items. By tradition , the consumers mix and match as they try out different brands and falvours of biscuits till they come across their favourite one. While their favourite one remains as their staple, the trend to try out newer brands continues. This is something that the major pastry makers address by offering a wide range of falvours for the consumers to choose from. If you have been brought up in Italy or have been there on work or leisure , chances are high that you must have come across the Mulino Bianco brand of pastries - a brand that is trusted and loved for its rich quality , tradition and wide range of flavours.

Mulino Bianco is a brand owned by the Barilla Company - another favourite brand among the Italian households. Barilla had a very humble beginning as early as in 1877 when Pietro Barilla Sr. opened his first bread and pasta shop in Parma , Italy. But today it is considered as a symbol of Italian tradition , keen attention to premium quality and the use of the best technologies in its production techniques. Mulino Bianco inherits the same trust and confidence levels of its parent company - a feature that makes it a national favourite.

Being part of the Barilla group Mulino Bianco pays great heed to innovation and development of new products . They have a very structured process , by which each great idea is nurtured through a phase of development , execution and launch. As you can expect from a trusted brand like Mulino Bianco , they ensure that their pastries are rich on nutrients and leave a positive impact on the health of the consumers.

Mulino Bianco demonstrates very strong CSR policies and has committed itself to the use of renewable energy by participating in the "Renewable Energy Certificate System (RECS)" in Italy . Through this initiative , Mulino Bianco aims to produce all its biscuits using clean energies - a process that will ensure that clean energy accounts for 100 million kw of its yearly consumption.

If you are in Italy , it is rather easy to find the different flavours of pastries produced by Mulino Bianco. However, if you are residing outside, for example in London , your best option to source Mulino Bianco pastries will be through online Italian delis. Many of these online retailers stock a wide range of Mulino Bianco biscuits , giving you the option to choose your favourite flavor. Once you have made up your mind on the pastries you would like to buy and have ensured that your online Italian deli has a credible delivery process, you are just a click away from ordering your favourite Mulino BIanco pastries !
If you are in London and looking for a place to buy Mulino Bianco biscuits , your search ends with and find Mulino Bianco . This online Italian deli offers an enviable range of Mulino Bianco biscuits along with more 800 other authentic Italian products sourced directly from Italy.


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