The Product Site Now Offers Reviews on UK ISPs to Guide Confused Customers

Trusted source for wireless routers in the UK, The Product Site, has begun reviewing the UK's Internet Service Providers to offer customers some help in choosing the right connection for their unique browsing needs.
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Burnley, United Kingdom ( July 20, 2012 - Burnley, UK, July 20, 2012 -- The Product Site has recently begun reviewing the entire range of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the UK. The Product Site is not affiliated with the ISPs in the UK. However, in their aim to provide the best Internet experiences to their customers, the site now guides customers through the complicated ISP selection process and informs them what the best broadband deal is in the UK for their needs.

"There are so many ISPs at the moment fighting tooth and nail to get you to commit to a lengthy broadband contract. They often use very cheap deals with dozens of small print icons to entice you in then after a few months' costs begin to shoot up and hidden charges appear randomly throughout your bill during the year. I wanted The Product Site to show an honest approach to these providers and really give users a chance to find a broadband deal that suits their very unique internet needs." Steven Johns, Marketing Manager for The Product Site explains.

Setting up an Internet connection at home or in the office is a challenge that almost everyone these days need to go through. The Internet has become a necessity, and recent advancements in technology have now allowed users to share their Internet connection with other users in the household or in the workplace. The most challenging part in setting up an Internet connection is choosing the right equipment and the right broadband provider. Unfortunately, wireless routers come in many different types, and ISPs offer many different kinds of Internet connection packages from ADLS2 to FTTC. The market is currently overflowing with countless options for consumers that most consumers, especially the less Internet-savvy ones, have great difficulty knowing which wireless broadband router and which ISP to choose.

The Product Site has so far become the most successful in meeting the former need by guiding customers through the buying process for a new router. Customers shopping for new latest routers can find all types of routers, including the most advanced 802.11ac branded routers, at Aside from the routers, customers can also find helpful information on routers as well as detailed guides on choosing the right type of wireless router for web surfing, for downloading films and music, for online streaming, for online gaming, and for all other kinds and levels of Internet usage.

However, The Product Site found that guiding consumers on what type of wireless router is best suited for extensive online gaming and which ones are more appropriate for standard web surfing activities is not enough. "We found that no matter how hard we try to help, our customers still complain about poor Internet speeds and random dropouts. We realized that the problem is not because our customers still have the old style routers. It's that they have the wrong Internet connection package or the wrong ISP for the area they live in." Johns continued.

Thus, The Product Site has begun offering reviews on the Internet Service Providers in the UK. With this new offer from one of the friendliest and informative shopping sites online, it is now so much easier for consumers to set up their Internet connections. Buying from The Product Site makes the entire setup process easy as consumers leave the site knowing which router is suited for them and which Internet Service Provider offers the kind of connection that they require.

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The Product Site is currently the most reliable and the friendliest source for wireless routers online. They currently specialize in wired and wireless routers and are therefore not connected to any of the ISPs in the UK. Thus, they are able to provide trusted, reliable, and unbiased reviews on these Internet connection providers. The site also offers a range of router articles, router hints and tips, and blogs to guide shoppers on finding the right type of router and ISP for their streaming TV shows (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, BBC iPlayer), downloading HD films (Bittorrent, IRC, Newsgroups) or online gaming needs (PC, Xbox360, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii).

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