TheProductSite Now Makes Choosing the Right ISP Easier for UK Consumers

Trusted source of routers online, The Product Site, now also makes choosing the right ISP in the UK easier for consumers by providing trustworthy broadband reviews.
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Burnley, United Kingdom ( July 11, 2012 - Burnley, UK, July 11th 2012 -- The Product Site is widely known for being a reliable and friendly source of wireless routers information and independent reviews. The online shopping resource is a one-stop shop for consumers looking for wireless routers in the UK. The shop offers all types of routers, from wired to wireless, and also carries the best brand of routers from Belkin to Thompson. The Product Site has a very methodical way of selling branded routers, making it easy for consumers to choose the correct type of router that matches their needs.

The Product Site website shows home broadband routers that are categorized in many ways (routers for streaming, downloading, browsing and online gaming), so consumers can narrow the choices down based on their needs and preferences. But what The Product Site is most well-known for is its online guide for choosing wireless routers. The review website offers several articles designed to inform their customers about Wi-Fi routers and how easy it is to set them up, configure and optimize to get the best out of their current broadband package. This way, they can make an informed decision when choosing and buying the best router to suit their unique internet needs.

Now, The Product Site has found another way to help their valued customers. Going beyond selling wireless routers, the site now also provides reviews on the Internet service providers in the UK e.g. TalkTalk, Sky, Virgin, Zen, TimeTalk, Plusnet, 02 and Be broadband. By doing so, the site hopes to help their customers select the right ISP (Internet Service Provider) to serve their unique Internet connection needs.

This is in line with the website's desire to provide customers with the best Internet experience suited to their needs. Internet service providers offer different types of connection bundles featuring different connection speeds and prices. For consumers to enjoy their individual web usage, they need to have a connection that also matches their needs. "The connection needs of an individual who uses the Internet for web surfing differ greatly from that of an individual who uses the Internet for gaming, downloading or streaming HD movies," explains Steven Johns, Marketing Manager for

As a trusted provider of routers, The Product Site wants their customers to enjoy the best Internet experience possible. "Unfortunately, many of our customers don't enjoy their Internet experience because they have the wrong type of connection or a very poor one," Johns continues. "We only offer the highest quality wireless routers on the market, but our customers usually don't maximize the potential of our routers because their broadband connection is sub-par." To address this issue, The Product Site decided to start guiding their customers on choosing the correct Internet Service Provider and broadband package for their unique needs e.g. streaming TV and films, downloading TV shows, basic internet browsing or online gaming via Xbox360, PS3, PC or Nintendo Wii.

Johns explains the relationship between an Internet Service Provider and a broadband router. "Routers can only maximize the potential of an Internet connection, but if the potential is not even there, routers can only do so much. Likewise, if the Internet connection is good but the router is not, then the result is the same: a poor Internet experience with slow speeds and constant internet dropouts."

About The Product Site:
The Product Site is currently the most reliable and the friendliest source for wireless routers online. They currently specialize in wired and wireless routers and are therefore not connected to any of the ISPs in the UK. Thus, they are able to provide trusted, reliable, and unbiased reviews on these Internet connection providers. The site also offers a range of router articles, router hints and tips, and blogs to guide shoppers on finding the right type of router and ISP for their streaming TV shows (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, BBC iPlayer), downloading HD films (Bittorrent, IRC, Newsgroups) or online gaming needs (PC, Xbox360, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii).

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