New Web Portal Launches, Showcasing Malaysia's UNESCO World Heritage City Melaka

The ultimate Asian adventure? informs and connects tourists to the famed city through the power of information
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( July 6, 2012 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 28, 2012 -- Two passionate globe-trotters today launch 'We!come to Melaka' - poised to become the ultimate guide to Malaysia's capital city of culture.

Started by Malaysia's Mohammad Faeez Mohamad Fadhlillah and Austria's Juergen Gallistl, the new website will be a saving grace for those who are new to Melaka, as well as offering articles, secret tips and even generous discounts to attract the most seasoned of travelers. We!come to Kuala Lumpur aims to bring new and old fans of the city together, in a social, interactive environment.

Faeez explains how: "We don't just want the site to be a hub of information, but also a hub of social activity. Travellers and locals will have an opportunity to connect with one another, share stories, offer support and build long lasting friendships through the exchange of personal culture. We call this feature 'We!Connect," he says.

Choosing Malaysia and particularly Melaka was no random decision, as Jurgen elaborates: "Malaysia is seeing a huge tourism boom, quoting a 60% rise in visitors in just 5 years," he says. "We know from our own experiences that travelling to a new place requires a lot of information gathering. So, we set up the 'We!Come' portal to offer the most valuable information, the best advice and also give the users a chance to connect with people who have visited before, or even live in the country".

The site is currently monetized through paid advertising. Having already supported many local projects in the past, Faeez and Juergen plan to use the generated income to support local Malaysian projects at a grass-roots level.

"We have both empowered ourselves by not only thinking that we need to change something, but trying to actually act on it. Our ultimate plan is to, by combining our passion through the creation of this platform, empower the people of Malaysia. A big thought? Yes, it is. However, big thoughts always start small. In our case, it started by creating this website," adds Faeez.

The founders are hoping to connect with local businesses, attraction vendors, hotels, tour operators, restaurants and entertainment operators. Having set up We!come to Melaka to act as an all-inclusive travel guide to the city, Faeez and Juergen believe that the platform is perfect for local attractions and amentities to promote their services.

Expecting to attract large amounts of online traffic, the aim is for the site to become a close-knit community of tourists, locals and businesses - all working together to strengthen the integrity of the country and contribute to its economy.

"We're in this project for the long term. We want to become a vital component of the growing Malaysian success story, and we'd like millions to join us along the way,” concludes Faeez.

The site can be found online at:

About We!come to Melaka
Founded by Malaysia's Mohammad Faeez and Austria's Juergen Gallistl, We!come to Melaka is quickly growing to become the biggest and most active online resource for those visiting, living in or doing business in Melaka.

Providing useful information, while encouraging a lively online social atmosphere, the site exists with the aim of strengthening both the integrity of the country, as well as its economy.

We!come to Melaka can be found at:

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