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Transmission of data has become a matter of ease with the advancements in technology.
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london, United Kingdom ( July 5, 2012 - Transmission of data has become a matter of ease with the advancements in technology. The corporate giants use the benefits of the internet at its best to adopt the best business strategies and ensure a smooth and faster completion of projects. Averting away from the benefits of technology, if we examine a little further, we will find that technology has given birth to a host of hackers whose chief main is to break the security systems and get hold of confidential data. Thus, it is important to take care of the information security and ensure that it is not accessed by the expert hackers. In order to protect their confidential data, many reputed companies across the world are now resorting to information security management software. This software is specifically designed for information risk management.

Why does a company need information security management software? Today, the business enterprises hugely depend on the information systems to administer their businesses and deliver services and products. They mostly depend on information technology for production, development and delivery of the business applications like employee time booking, financial databases and offering remote access to the employees and customers. These companies use internet and email for interacting to the outside world. Now, think what would happen if a competitor gets access to the email database and publicizes its products and/or services to the clients. The company will encounter a huge loss. To prevent this type of losses, it is important to use an information risk management system.

How can information hacking incidents affect a company? Incidents of information hacking can disrupt the organizational routines and work process of the company concerned. It can bring down the shareholder value and lead to loss of privacy and competitive advantage. It can blemish the reputation of the company leading to critical system failure, brand devaluation and reduced profitability. Now, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of information security management as an essential tool for critical business function. It is not simply an information technology function but encompasses administration, risk management, business continuity and legislative compliance. With the increasing reliance data and enhanced need for data security, the companies are resorting to information risk management systems to prevent their secret data from going into foul hands.

There are three important facts of data security. They are:
Integrity: This involves safeguarding important data from unauthorized changes and modifications. The companies need to ensure that information, as for example, price list, is complete and error-free.

Confidentiality: This involves safeguarding data from unauthorized access. The companies and their representatives are not supposed to disclose their confidential information to press and to their competitors.

Availability: This involves ensuring that data is available when you require it.

Ensuring integrity, availability and confidentiality of information is important for maintaining a competitive edge, profitability and cash flow. It is also important for preserving the brand image.
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