Timetalk Offers Cheap New Broadband Packages, Offers Easy Switching from Talktalk

UK's Newest and Fastest Internet Service Provider TimeTalk introduces cheap broadband packages and helps disgruntled TalkTalk customers make the switch to TimeTalk for free.
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Burnley, United Kingdom (prHWY.com) July 3, 2012 - Burnley, UK, July 03, 2012 -- Consumers looking for the cheapest broadband can now enjoy exactly that from TimeTalk, a trusted Internet Service Provider in the UK. TimeTalk recently introduced its improved broadband and phone line packages, all of which feature fast broadband speeds and cheap prices. The broadband packages range from £2.79 to £9.99 and already come with a free n grade router worth R.R.P £69.99, with cheap UK line rental packages from £9.99.

There are currently three TimeTalk broadband packages: TimeTalk Weekend, TimeTalk Weekend and Evening, and TimeTalk Unlimited.

TimeTalk Weekend is one of the cheapest broadband packages in the market. For only £2.79 per month, consumers can browse the Internet and send the occasional e-mails. They can also easily book tickets through See Tickets and Ticketmaster. This package gives them a download speed of up to 24MB with a download usage limit of 2GB, free wireless grade n router and a complete home telephone line rental including voicemail and caller ID. There is no set up fee, and, as a bonus, subscribers will get free UK landline calls during the weekends to 01, 02, and 03 numbers. Subscribers then have a choice whether to redial after the first free 70 minutes or to continue the call for a fee of 7.5p per minute in excess. Calls during daytime from Monday to Friday will be charged 7.5p per minute.

For those with greater needs, the TimeTalk Weekend and Evening broadband package is more ideal as it offers a higher download limit of 10GB with the same speed. This will give them access to more online activities, such as downloading music from media stores like iTunes, Last.Fm, and Spotify, among others. This is also ideal for those who e-mail regularly and use social networking sites heavily; these sites include Facebook, Facebook games (Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cityville), and instant messaging applications. It's also a better choice for those who like to shop online via Tesco shopping, EBay or Amazon. The same phone line add-ons, such as a free Voicemail, a free call withhold feature and free calls on weekends and evenings, are still included.

Heavy Internet users can also opt for the TimeTalk Unlimited broadband package, which offers an unlimited download limit that consumers who play online games like WOW, FIFA12 and COD8, stream videos from BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Vimeo, and 4oD, and make video calls will appreciate. This costs £9.99 per month, which is still minimal compared to other unlimited broadband plans in the UK. Unlike the two other packages, the Unlimited Package also comes with free calls anytime, both daytime and nighttime, both weekdays and weekends.

All subscribers also get access to a UK-based customer support team that can help them with any concerns, as well as to a long list of advanced features that subscribers can avail of for free or for a fee, depending on their needs. For only £1.75 per month for each chosen service, subscribers can add call waiting; call diversion, display caller number, ring back, three-way calling, and call sign to their basic broadband and phone line packages. For higher fees ranging from £1.85 to £4.95 per month, subscribers can add more advanced features such as choose to refuse, anonymous call rejection (ACR), reminder call, call messaging, and call messaging 3+6. As an added bonus, subscribers will also get a free antivirus package for 30 days when they subscribe to the new plans.

Aside from introducing cheaper broadband packages , TimeTalk also offers non-subscribers an easier, hassle-free way of switching to TimeTalk.

"Based on our research, a lot of consumers are unhappy with their broadband packages, but they don't have a choice but to stick with their current ISPs because of high cancellation and contract breakage fees. So what we're going to do is make it easier for consumers to switch to TimeTalk. We'll simply take care of everything," Marketing Manager Steven Johns explains.

This offer is targeted to subscribers of TalkTalk, another UK Internet service provider. Consumers who are unhappy with the services of said company can switch to TimeTalk for free, which means they can save up to £130 a year in broadband charges. TimeTalk also has an online guide and broadband blog that can inform subscribers about how to switch ISPs and what kinds of information they will need to make the switch.

Moreover, regardless of which package consumers choose, TimeTalk will provide their subscribers with high-speed, high-quality broadband from the newly upgraded BT Network. This means they will enjoy a speedy and robust broadband connection that is perfectly suited for their needs and budget.

Johns reveals the big idea behind their cheap broadband packages, "Our aim is to deliver high-quality services at prices that different types of customers can easily afford. Instead of compromising the quality of our service, we simply trimmed down our packages so that consumers can pay only for what they need. This way, our subscribers get to enjoy high-quality broadband without having to pay more than they should."

About TimeTalk: (http://www.timetalk.co.uk)
TimeTalk is a reliable and fast-growing Internet Service Provider in the UK. The ISP delivers high quality broadband Internet services and phone line rentals to serve the needs of home consumers and corporate clients, and takes responsibility for guiding their customers towards the latest technology in the Internet service business. TimeTalk's objective is to provide customers with the ideal broadband packages that match their needs. The company complies with all regulations set by the authorities in developing and delivering its services. About TimeTalk:(http://www.timetalk.co.uk) About TimeTalk:(http://www.timetalk.co.uk) About TimeTalk:(http://www.timetalk.co.uk) About TimeTalk:(http://www.timetalk.co.uk)

Currently, TimeTalk has a team of highly qualified UK-based account managers that can discuss with customers and help them decide on the right broadband and phone line packages for them as well as experienced and trained UK customer service agents that can provide friendly and hassle-free after sales support service.

Steven Johns
Time Technology Park
Burnley, Lancashire
England, BB12 7TW
+440 800 138 1912


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