India to Be Favored By Best PMR and DMR Radio Systems

Hytera Communication a renowned company has finally come to India. The company's origin is in China but has been serving many countries like the U.S. and the U.K since years.
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Nanshan District,Shenzhen,P.R.C., India ( July 3, 2012 - India, 02 July 2012: The company is a leading manufacturer of PMR and DMR metro communications throughout the world. The PMR solutions provided by the company are capable of working in any condition. These systems are also termed as Analog Conventional because it uses the conventional analog system of coding words into zeros and ones to transmit and receive a message.

Majority of the mobile radios used for security and other reasons are TETRA radio. TETRA functions with 3.5kbit /s to 691.2kbit/s, which is much more than what trunking system uses. MPT used only analog trunked system to send and receive message that too at or below 1200bit/s. The one major similarity of the two systems is their type; both are trunked and have more than two channels that are bifurcated into control channel and traffic channel.

On the same pattern and system has both PMR and DMR radios. DMR radio is an advanced form of PMR radio that uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) to send and receive messages. But apart for sending and receiving audio messages it is also capable of showing digital messages and data received and transmitted. The system uses 30 MHz to 1 GHz of RF frequency to send and receive its message. A similar frequency is used in PMR radios and because of using almost same frequency the difference between their costing is also negligible. A police radio can be both DMR and PMR radio.

For better security India needs better communication devices, be it for public security or private security. For them has efficient and best walkie talkie that is capable of communicating messages from both one person to another and one person to group. These systems are also known as security radio systems and they are economical to use. Considering the networking and other problems in India, Hytera has used systems with repeater installed, so that cliffs, mountains or any such thing does not block the network path of these security radios.


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