Waxing: Possibly a Life Changer

A waxing specialist talks about waxing and how she feels about it.
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Chandler, AZ (prHWY.com) June 20, 2012 - Bellagio Clinic

Chandler, AZ, 6/20/12-There is a common saying, beauty is pain. If any of you are at all like me you have grown up either being told or saying that phrase over and over again. Whether it's the shoe you wear or the clothes you put on, looking good has never been a thing of comfort. Waxing, like other beauty regiments is no exception to the whole painful experience called life.

Recently I was able to sit down and talk with Rose, a Wax Specialist from Bellagio Clinic in Chandler, Arizona where they have just added waxing to the long list of amazing procedures that they perform. During my time with Rose I was able have all of my waxing questions answered as well as learn about waxing from a woman who truly is passionate about what she does. One of the questions I ask her was why she chose waxing as her profession and her answer rather surprised me. She told me that she had been working as a CNA at a hospital when she hurt her back and needed to find a new career quickly. She explained that she had been going to a woman to be waxed for quite a while but was never really satisfied with her results. It was her need for a new career coupled with her desire for better waxing that pushed her to become a waxing specialist herself. When she started school to be an esthetician she told her husband that she wanted to make woman feel great and to give them the results she never was able to receive. When I asked what she loved most about waxing Rose responded by saying that waxing unlike many other procedures was instantaneous and people can see the results right away and she just loved those kinds of results.

When I started inquiring more into the actual process of waxing, Rose made sure that I understood is that both men and women get waxed and there are really no stereotypes when it comes to her patients. She went on to say that pretty much everyone is a candidate to have waxing done, with the exception of people who have very thin skin, whether it be from age or medication. She told me there are only two requirements if you are considering being waxed. First, for best results you must let the hair area grow out before it is waxed. Second for 24 hours after your procedure you need to stay out of the sun and avoid using makeup. Rose assured me that even though the skin will be pink for about an hour afterwards, if you follow the two requirements and are a good candidate you will have great results.

When I asked Rose why her results were better than others I had heard about she answered my question with two main reasons. The first reason was that she has lots of experience and tries to give the patient what they want, unlike other professionals who just want to get the job done. Her second reason was actually the quality of wax used. I learned that you can buy either cheap wax or good wax. Rose informed me that she only uses a very good wax that will give you better results with less danger from burns that are typical with cheaper waxes.

After hearing about the different types of wax I really became curious about the pain and maybe why people were so scared of waxing. Rose assured me that most people are scared because they have been burned or injured their skin in some way because of bad quality wax and inexperienced specialists. She told me that yes waxing hurts but it really is instantaneous and the pain goes away very quickly.

After getting all of the information I possible could about waxing, I really can see why it is a great option for many people, especially if they are able to go to Bellagio Clinic and work with Rose. After talking with her, I feel that if I was going to go to anyone to be waxed it would definitely be her.

If you want to learn more about waxing or to schedule an appointment with Rose call 480-788-5621 or visit our site.


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