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Many people think that if a subject is very popular and many people are looking to acquire services or products in that area then this is a niche market.
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Delhi, India ( June 20, 2012 - How do you identify and uncover a niche market?
Online Marketing - Niche markets.
So before we identify techniques to assist in searching for and researching niche markets, lets first put in place a definition of what a niche market is. Many people think that if a subject is very popular and many people are looking to acquire services or products in that area then this is a niche market.
Online Marketing - Marketing budget constraints or SEO?
Okay so no problem with that, that's just how the free market works right?, but what if all of these companies and product providers created websites and drove major traffic streams to those sites, through sometimes expensive marketing budgets. The result is that although the product is probably still very popular and sought after, so is the demand to deliver it.
Now that means for a smaller player to try to compete in these markets that individual or company would have to either use extremely powerful Search Engine Optimization techniques, or compete through the various marketing systems that are available. Even then if either of these methods were deployed, unless you fully understood how to do your own Search Engine Optimization, or had a large marketing budget it would still be difficult to compete.
Online Marketing - Definition of the 'Niche'
My definition of a niche market would be a product or service that is extremely popular and that is sought after but when customers search for it they are not finding strong deliverables for that product or service. This is quite obviously different to the terms that several people use when discussing potential niche markets. Moreover if the niche is defined first and the niche is researched, you can then go and find literally thousands of products that will be a fit into that niche area.
Online Marketing - Affiliate network
Often people come at this from completely the wrong way around, they product the product first sometimes at a considerable cost and then go looking to see if a) it is popular and b) what kind of competition exists around this product or service.
Online Marketing - Niche identification
Whether you are an affiliate or a digital product vendor the first step for me should always be to research your potential market using keyword research, there are many tools that allow you to research keywords and many of them are now free. So why not just identify 5 - 10 keywords that you would use to find your desired market, up to this point much of the time you are just using an educated guess at what might be popular. Then with your potential market and a list of potential estimated keywords and keyword phrases, you can start your keyword research.
Niche Identification - Online marketing keyword research
Now find one of the free keyword research tools and start to research these keywords and the keyword phrases, this will start to give you great statistics about how many times these keywords were searched on in the major search engines.
Online marketing - Drilling down and identifying the niche area
Now most people think that's it you can go out and find your product and start to actively market that product, alas that is not the case and you will in most cases have to do more keyword research later.
The reason for this is that you may well find that the subject area you have chosen does not at first look popular, but on closer examination if you drill down and go looking for a smaller sub-set of that product area, you do indeed find a profitable nice.
Online marketing - Analyzing the niche competition
Now we know how much demand the potential market has we need to start looking at the amount and level of competition in this area. This is a fairly large area because you really need to understand firstly how many sites there are out there supplying this product and then you need to understand a) how good the top sites are b) their page rank c) website specifics like privacy policy and opt in process etc.
You can easily do this by going to one of the top search engines and searching for a particular subject area, in search engines like Google, here you will find a number that defines how many of those sites are actually delivering products/services around your potential chosen market.


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