The Future Continuously Renewable Energy

Realizing that fossil fuel is nonrenewable but sooner or later we won't have any fossil fuel to produce electricity.Two third of the earth is water, it is very possible to make hydro power as the main source of electricity.
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New York City, NY ( June 19, 2012 - We do understand that our life is closely related to electricity. When the electricity goes off, we almost can do nothing since the work of most equipment we use rely on electricity. Hence, it is not surprising that a city can be a dead city without electricity. Almost all human activities stop operating. Only a few activities can continue working. If today we are highly in need of electricity, surely we will more depend on electricity in the future. Meanwhile, most power plants in the world rely on fossil fuel, the non-renewable energy, to produce electricity. Realizing that fossil fuel is non-renewable but sooner or later we won't have any fossil fuel to produce electricity. If we do not use another alternative instead of fossil fuel to produce, it is very possible that we'll face crisis in the future since our activities will be limited.

Some countries, now has moved some of their sources of power plant from fossil fuel to hydro power. They rely some of their electricity needs on hydroelectricity. So far, China is a country with the highest use of electricity from hydro energy. The three largest power plants generated from hydro energy are located in China, Brazil, and Venezuela. Those countries admit that hydroelectric energy produced is much bigger than electricity produce by fossil fuel at the same budget. Moreover, hydro power is renewable hence it has good prospect in the future for its continuity. However, the shifting to hydroelectric power plants seems to be not easy to be conducted.

The revolution in electricity can be as difficult as revolution in politics because people have already used to the recent system. People need to adapt with new alternatives. It is only a matter of time when the shift can be totally conducted since it is done for the sake of human life and the continuity of human life and better generation. Few years ago, the consumption of this alternative source of electricity has reached 16 % all over the world and about 150 countries has started to move on hydro power as their source of power plant. Now, they are trying to make up their mind to completely move to hydro power as soon as all preparation, the society, and the environment ready for the big change.

People always hope for a better life in the future, so they understand that non-renewable source of energy soon or later will used up. Hence, they think of other alternatives that will not be used up because they can be renewable and one of those alternatives is hydro power. Because two third of the earth is water, it is very possible to make hydro power as the source of electricity. Hence, people don't need to worry that in the future electricity will be an expensive need. In order to maximize the effectiveness of production of hydro power to produce electricity, some big countries rely some their need of electricity on it while they continuously make a study on the best shifting process of hydro power into electricity. In short, it's only a matter of time when hydroelectric energy becomes the main source of electricity.


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