Well-Rounded Blend Of Antioxidants

This blend combines the most potent extracts from the fruit in order to give you a supplement packed with nutrients to help you boost your immune system and bodily functions.
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Manhattan Beach, CA (prHWY.com) January 8, 2011 - There are likely thousands of supplement blends on the market that claim to do this and that, but rarely
follow through. In fact many of those supplements are low quality and contain only a small portion of
what you need to get the most benefits. Revive Superfruit Complex is one that has a well rounded blend
of antioxidants to help you get the most you need for your body, and the most for your money.

So what is Revive? It is a comprehensive blend of superfruits including Goji, Acai, Pomegranate, Maqui,
as well as an additional blend of Green Tea. Most "Superfruit" blends use one of the above, and rarely
multiples. The fact is, having multiple types of fruits creates a well rounded amount of antioxidants and
beneficial ingredients to help you even more. Having one stand alone will rarely give you what you need.

Why Choose Revive?


It offers a complex supplement that incorporates multiple fruits to give you the most.
It is affordable compared to other supplements, and compared to eating the fruits fresh!
Revive is made with quality ingredients, and you in mind.
Revive Complex gives your body what it craves without artificial ingredients or harmful filler

This blend combines the most potent extracts from the fruit in order to give you a supplement packed
with nutrients to help you boost your immune system and bodily functions. Revive Superfruit Complex
is not only full of antioxidants, but also has energy boosting properties. When your immune system is
boosted you also feel more energetic, less lethargic, and are able to boost fat burning benefits too!

The Revive Superfruit Blend helps every part of your body from:





Immune system



Cancer defense

Ability to defend against sun damage due to high beta carotene amounts.



Plenty of energy for the whole body.

Mental energy so you get more done in a day.


Better quality sleep due to a regulated schedule.


The balance the supplement provides is unsurpassed and surprisingly high quality. Few products on the
market can compare to the power that Revive can provide its users. It only takes a week to see initial
benefits, then after a month more serious benefits, and after that long lasting health benefits. It is
important to always continue your regimen of Superfruit Complex in order to continue receiving health

benefits from consuming it regularly.

Is the Superfruit Complex safe? This is a common question that is asked by potential customers. Like
most natural supplements the Superfruit Complex is 100% safe and all natural. There are no added
chemicals that could be potentially harmful. The supplement goes through a strict screening process to
ensure that it meets quality standards for consumption. This is not like a typical diet pill full of harmful
ingredients, but rather a health supplement designed to boost your energy and immune system along
with many other benefits.

Learn more at: ReviveSuperfruits.com/landingpage


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