Spartamatrix - Current Overview of Private Partnership.

Sparta General business operations of the initial specialized operations group charged with managing the implementation of the initial survey and planning objectives.
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Los Angeles, CA ( June 9, 2012 - Current overview of private partnership structure with brief explanation how each partner adds to the business.
Sparta Matrixâ„¢ Inc. 55% owner of Miklavja LC the Joint Venture Company formed to develop and operate the Transportation complex defined by the Multimodal Logistics Service Center. Sparta Matrix is the designer, program manager, and has the responsibility of implementing the business plan. Project Expertise.
Republic of Croatia, Primorsko-Goranska County, Municipality of Matulji is the 30 percent owner of Miklavja LC and is the government agency partner for the promotion of the port expansion projects
AMA Zagreb d.o.o is the 12 percent owner of the Miklavja LC and is a consultant to the project to assist with the power and energy generation aspects of the first phase of the project.
Rijeka Promet d.d. is a 3 percent owner of Miklavja LC and is a government organization responsible for transportation and logistics in the City of Rijeka and surrounding regions; brings all ISO designations ISO 9000.

What are the milestones needed for the company to reach profitability. How much time/capital is required to get there or to secure meaningful contracts?
The milestones are the implementation of the following
Phase I - Development of plans to implement the MLC Project is 120 days from funding.
* Projected Aggregate funding 480 million USD for Phase One for MLC Croatia.
Phase II - Construction of the Green Energy Production Facility takes 18 months from funding commitment.
Initiation of container scanning operations : have Special Ops opportunity that can begin in 6 weeks. MLC project and its regional alliance network provides screening commercial opportunities within 90 days ( or less) at TWO MARITIME PORTS and TWO International Airports.
Projected Energy Funding 270 million USD .
Phase III - Expansion of the Break Bulk facilities can be accomplished within 120 days and additional expansion for transporting bulk via rail away from Port land to MLC (at the North End/ near Rijeka Refinery).
Projected Funding for Bulk Shipment Rail upgrade 25 million USD.

Phase IV : 2014-2015;

* MLC Expansion of Warehousing and Container ( especially reefers) Transshipment
200 million USD for MLC Project;

* Port of Rijeka will require approx 2.0 billion to reconfigure itself into a modern Energy Efficient Marine Terminal that is multifunctional RORO, Bulk and Project Cargo.

* SpartaMatrixâ„¢ management team has made the following upgrading assessments needed asap:
Sample of our findings:
Facility Upgrades include: 22 hectares of terminal
* Total Length of New Berth must be 700 meters with min of 12.5 m.
* Four New Container Cranes up to 50 tons; 6 RTV's
* 20 Fork lifts (3-44 tons)
* Target NEW BUSINESS for Rijeka 1,400,000 tons of new cargo and in/out 450 seagoing vessels and 800 barges.
Distribution Upgrades: Covered inhouse railway transfer terminal
* Covered Loading and unloading of tricks
* Two New Sheds with 2 overhead cranes for delivering and receiving.
* Forklifts for handling up to 32 Tons
Ro-Ro terminal upgrades:
* Facilities for handling deep-sea and short-sea RoRo vessels and shallow draw to attract new business from regional barges.
* Crane Capacity up to 40 tons
* Min Draft 14 meters
Storage area with crane reach
* Containers :
* Inspection Screening Indoor and Outdoor handling.
* Storing Capacity 6 high 500 teu's
* Stuffing and stripping facilities interlinked with MLC Logistics service centre.
Expand Project Cargo Business:
* Parking area 100,000 m2
* From India and China : Motor cars, trucks, tractors, almost no limitations.
* Timber from Indonesia and New Zealand
Project Cargo for high tech facilities including NATO Logistics & Mobilization Training .
* Pipes ,Steel sections.
* Upgrade Road Connections: fully integration with European rail network.
Rail Connections to East via Zagreb.
* Barge Connections ?
Airport Integration : Krk and Pula.
Facilities upgrade:
* Open storage partly bricks and asphalt : 110,000 m2
* Dehumidification warehouse 3,400 m2
* Covered rail connection
Total quay space for vessels : 5 vessels
* Covered Terminals :3
* RoRo berths :1
* Quay length covered 400 meters
* Quay length outside 300 meters
* Tugmasters : 5
* Roll Trailers (unlimited) MLC managed
* Forklift 23 ( 5-32 ton Capacity)


Phase V : 2015 - 2020 Adding logistics network master controls for all of Croatia and in the Eastern Segment of EUROZONE.

Full implementation of the Rijeka Port project by 2012. The initial request for 2.2 million Euros project will provide sufficient capital to meet profitability goals and complete the necessary documentation which leads to immediate commercialization of operations.

5. History of capital raised, invested (debt and equity)
Since November 2008 , SpartaMatrix â„¢private investors have funded MLC 893,000 USD to purchase equity ( 587,000 USD) from M+W Zander ( Engineering Company Stuttgart) and project development funds of 306,000 ; other necessary travel and business miscellaneous local and regional expenses of 2, 227,000 USD have been paid by Philip Wainwright. Total In MLC = $ 893,000 + 2,227,210 = $ 3,120, 210 .
6. Outline the uses of the 2 Million Euros - is it realistic that any contracts will be signed at this time that could ultimately produce revenue.
The immediate need for capital is a total of 2.2 Million Euros which will be applied to three primary components:
* Sparta General business operations of the initial specialized operations group charged with managing the implementation of the initial survey and planning objectives. Scheduled for 6 months July 2010 through January 2011 = 620,000 Euro;
2.) Project Site Development, EPA Studies, and initial engineering Studies: = 1,055,000:
a. Land surveys for access road and interior infrastructure; geotechnical = 185,000;
b. Project title work (96% public owned by municipality of Matuliji / 4 % private owners) = 85,000;
c. Boundary assessments for the city / county/ and existing easements =135,000;
d. Utilities and various studies to satisfy Croatian Government officials = 150,000
e. Economic Impact study Series by Federal Panel and Price Waterhouse Consultants = 250,000
f. Security assessment and initial plans for security infrastructure design = 250,000
3.) Reserves for Contingencies, VAT and budget set aside funding for any new requirements by EU/ Croatia = 325,000
Notes: a.) Croatia is in an EU Accession mode consequently costs may shift as various policies and taxes are established.
b.) VAT is 23 % and the project is not eligible for concessions until permits are approved; then a negotiated rebate or concession may be granted for 5 years
Use of Proceeds - Three Component Summary (EUROS)
Project Development Operations 620,000
Site and Studies 1,055,000
VAT and Contingencies 325,000
Total 2,000,000 EUROS


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