A Nose Job, Sinus Surgery... or Both?

Millions of Americans suffer from acute sinusitis and these problems should be treated by a board certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist.
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Newport Beach, CA (prHWY.com) May 27, 2012 - Leading Orange County Plastic Surgeon Doubles as ENT Specialist

359 San Miguel Drive Suite 110, Newport Beach, CA 92660-- when is a stuffy nose more than a stuffy nose? When is post-nasal drip something to worry about? Generally, these symptoms are nothing to worry about unless they indicate a real problem with your sinuses. Millions of Americans suffer from acute sinusitis and these problems should be treated by a board certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist. In Orange County, Dr. Kevin Sadati of California's prestigious Newport Beach has helped thousands of patients not only look better, but also feel a lot better too.

The painful symptoms of sinusitis are generally due to an infection. Swelling arising from allergies can mirror the symptoms of sinusitis and can cause pain, pressure, and congestion. Even if it is allergies, they can often be the trigger for a bacterial infection. As your body tries to fight the infection, you may experience a fever, headache, or intense pain over the affected areas such as the front of the face and the forehead. You also may have pain in the jaw or teeth. As the infection worsens and the body attempts to expel it, patients often report nasal drip at the back of the throat and develop a cough.

Diagnosis of the problem can get tricky because the symptoms often resemble other diseases similar to the common cold. Cases of sinusitis are usually suspected when cold-like symptoms present for more than a week. In order to expedite diagnosis, X-rays and CT scans of the sinuses are often employed. Patients that experience chronic sinusitis should be checked for allergies by an ENT specialist. Patients may even require an endoscopic procedure to detect if an anatomic obstruction is causing the illness. Such an obstruction may involve the structural cartilage that partitions the nasal cavity. This cartilaginous structure, known as the septum, may become misaligned, leading to a condition known as a deviated septum. A deviated septum has been known to result in chronic nasal obstructions and to cause the infection that leads to sinusitis. Fortunately, not only is Dr. Sadati an ENT specialist, but he is also a highly trained expert in nasal reconstruction. He has helped thousands of patients with reconstructive rhinoplasty and especially with deviated septums.

Chronic sinusitis is usually treated with prescription antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays may be used in order to decrease swelling of the membranes in the nasal passages. If a physical cause is found for the chronic sinusitis during the examination, a surgical correction may be required. If an operation is necessary, samples are taken to allow identification of any organisms that may be causing the infection. The primary advantage of having a plastic surgeon perform the sinus surgery is that the medically necessary procedure may be combined with a cosmetic reshaping of the nose to maximize surgical results. If a procedure is deemed to be a medical necessity, then most insurance carriers will probably cover the entire surgery, which should make a patient breathe a little easier!

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