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Orange County's premier plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati has developed a virtual studio on his website so people can see exactly what they will look like after surgery.
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Newport Beach, CA ( May 27, 2012 - Orange County Plastic Surgeon Unveils Virtual Surgery Results

359 San Miguel Drive Suite 110, Newport Beach, CA 92660-- anyone considering the idea of cosmetic surgery has probably wondered what they might look like once the procedure is finished. Well, now you can! Orange County's premier plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati has developed a virtual studio on his website so people can see exactly what they will look like after surgery. Called the "Face TouchUp," this innovative computer-based application is user-friendly and features state-of-the-art technology to give the patient a fairly accurate glimpse of how they might look after a cosmetic facial procedure.

The concept is a straightforward way to allow prospective patients to chose their look without actually undergoing the operation. In fact, this technology allows patients to customize a plastic surgery from the comfort of their own home, day or night. The program works through a portal that opens once the patient selects the "Launch" tool. Once launched, the plastic surgery candidate will be prompted to upload a recent photo. When the photo is successfully uploaded, it can be manipulated using the TouchUp software to achieve whatever their desired aesthetic result.

If a patient is considering a rhinoplasty, for instance, the nose can be shortened or lengthened and even widened from different angles. Patients considering other facial procedures, such as chin implants, can use the tool to slide the chin in or out as needed to achieve the best results. Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of the software is its ability to save a patient's progress and to print the modified picture, which a patient can then bring to their consultation. People get really excited when they use the TouchUp tool to create their own look and show it around to their family and friends.

The software also integrates a convenient scheduling feature that will allow the patient to not only book a consultation appointment but to also allow the patient to e-mail the picture directly to Dr. Sadati for evaluation. This is an important first step in the consultation process. By receiving a custom photo straight from the candidate, Dr. Sadati is in a unique position to see just what direction the patient wants to go. It gives the patient and the doctor a solid starting point for a frank discussion about what the patient wants and what they might need.

Of course, no state-of-the-art virtual cosmetic surgery studio would be complete if it were not compatible with other new technologies such as the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. The TouchUp studio is fully functional on all of the mobile devices in order to give the prospective candidate full control over their surgical outcomes.

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular and leading-edge doctors in Orange County are embracing new ways to connect with their patients. By offering free platforms such as TouchUp, Dr. Sadati is empowering his plastic surgery candidates to a degree never before seen in the industry. Patients from anywhere in the country can select a photo and see what they will look like before the first incision is ever made. While this is by no means a guarantee of results, it goes a long way toward making people feel more comfortable about what to expect from plastic surgery.

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