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According to statistics released by ASPS, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for 2011, patients wanted to alter their faces more than any other part of their body.
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Cherry Hill, NJ (prHWY.com) May 27, 2012 - New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Specializes in Fast-Growing Procedures

1797 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey-- the numbers don't lie. Face procedures are the fastest growing of all cosmetic surgery options. According to statistics released by ASPS, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for 2011, patients wanted to alter their faces more than any other part of their body. In the past, breast augmentation was the most popular procedure, but the ASPS credit the change to an aging Baby-Boomer population. Recent studies point this sudden popularity of facial surgeries to the high correlation between facial symmetries and professional success. It only follows that, especially in this economy, people will do whatever it takes to gain a competitive advantage. Fortunately for patients in the Cherry Hill area, double board certified facial reconstruction surgeon Dr. Anthony Corrado specializes in these highly popular procedures such as chin augmentation, cheek implants, lip augmentation, skin resurfacing, and a total facelift.

Leading the list of procedures is the chin augmentation. The chin and jaw line are among the first areas of the face to show aging. Chin implants are among the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures because of its immediate and dramatic results. Augmenting the chin and jaw line with implants can add a sharper, more defined, and more commanding appearance to the face. In today's fast-paced business environment, this can be a real advantage in light of video conferences and other face-to face interactions. Strong facial features can mean the difference between a successful deal and no deal at all. Individuals with weak chins or profiles often feel self-conscious about their appearance and facial implants can improve their self-esteem. This renewed self-confidence generally translates to workplace success.

In addition to work on the chin and jaw line, procedures such as cheek and lip augmentation are also in the top five fastest growing cosmetic surgeries. In fact, according to ASPS statistics, lip and cheek augmentation saw an increase of forty-nine percent and forty-seven percent respectively from 2010 to 2011. Boomer-generation individuals see these procedures as a way to combat the effects of aging, especially around the mouth. As people get older, their lips tend to become thinner and sometimes curl up over the teeth. Coupled with sinking cheeks, thin lips can make the face look almost skeletal. Implanting the cheeks with special implants and augmenting the lips can restore a more youthful look to an aging face.

Laser skin resurfacing saw a nine percent jump and facelifts increased by five percent. Other studies have shown that 2011 plastic surgery patients were also looking for cosmetic options that had longer lasting results, as opposed to quick fixes. This data is corroborated by a flagging economy, where more and more people are looking for real value instead of simply a low price. While temporary cosmetic procedures, such as transdermal fillers, are fast and often inexpensive they require multiple treatments to maintain the youthful look. Many patients are seeking a more permanent result as opposed to effects that must be maintained every few months.

These statistics show that highly-trained facial specialists like Dr. Corrado are uniquely positioned to serve his patients' needs with the hottest and fastest growing plastic surgeries available. These facial techniques will help you look great, feel great, and improve your self-confidence... and that is something to smile about!

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