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Hyderabad, India ( May 17, 2012 - Indian Dog Breeds
Caravan Hound
The most commonly known as the carver hounds and other name are (Maratha Hound) (Pashmi Hound)
This breed has narrowed head and very delicate in the appearance but they come with strong jaws.
The Mudhol or Caravan is an ancient breed that originates from the southern Maharashtra and northern Karnataka regions. The Mudhol Hound is believed to have developed from the Sloughi, Saluki, the Azawakh and the Afghan Hounds.
*Narrow Head The head is small in proportion to the body.
*Narrow Body specially built for speed
*A well defined appearance
*Come with different colors and combinations. The most popular colors for Caravans in the show rings are the reds, brindles, fawns and crèmes

*23-29 inches (55-74 cm) at the shoulders.
*100 pounds (approximately)

General Health
* Lifespan of the carvan hound is 10-15 years (approximately)
* This breed suffers from the no specific issue as we can say this breed is strog and has survived in the worst conditions

Grooming this breed is easy. As the coat is short if you just brush the it once a week will be enough.

Rampur Greyhound

Ramput Hound
The Rampur Greyhound is native to the Rampur region of Northern India, which lies between Delhi and Bareilly. His Royal Highness Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur bred these dogs by combining the blood lines of very powerful but ferocious Tazi, brought in by the Afghans, and the English Greyhound. He gave the name 'Rampur Hound' to the dogs he bred. It got its looks and stalwart character and from the English Greyhound it got its speed. Here was a dog that would seldom back down in confrontations, and could more or less keep up with the fastest prey. It was also extremely intelligent to deal with the wily and formidable boars, and, even when severely injured, was not known to give up the chase. He is mainly kept in his homeland to hunt the jackal, but is also remarkably capable of tracking down.

The Rampur Greyhound, They are approximately greyhound size, but much wider and more muscular Size. Some other unique characteristics are their Roman nose, ears set high, pendant style, and of most interest, their "hare" feet. The Rampur's foot is a large "hare" shape, with heavy webbing. Colors are mouse-gray, grizzle, brindle, parti-colored or most rare, black.
60-65 pounds (27-30 kg) / 60-65 pounds (27-30 kg)
24-30 inches (60-75 cm) / 22-24 inches (55-60 cm)
General Health
A healthy and long-lived breed illness is rare. Same illness found in the breed as that of the found in gray hounds. A Rampurs may live up to fifteen years, but this varies enormously. Due to the unique physiology and anatomy
They are low maintenance dog as that of the Mudhol Hound this breed is also having short coart so the grooming is easy, brush once in a week to remove the dead hairs will be enough.

Rajapalayam Hound

This is an Indian South Indian breed Rajapalayam. This breed looks like a miniature Great Dane. Rajapalyam have powerful, muscular and heavy build. These breeds need plenty of free space and were mainly used for the hunting. In case the proper training is given this breed is become the excellent Guard Dog. It is a typical gun dog for wild boar. It is usually white, the skin being pink. It has a deep breast piece. The hairs are soft on the head but gross on the body.

25-30 inches (65-75 cm) / 25-30 inches (65-75 cm)
48-55 pounds (22-25 kg) / 48-55 pounds (22-25 kg)
General Health
This breed is almost close to extinction with only about 150 to 200 dogs left. The Kennel Club of India has taken steps to save the breed from total extinction. A project to revive interest for the breed was started by establishing a breeding center in saidapet, Chennai in 1980-81. The "Save the Rajapalayam" project was launched by the Kennel Club of India. The restoration efforts of the breed enthusiast have paid off. Breeders of Rajapalayam dog were flooded by the demands for this breed.
The skin is loose everywhere on the body and the eyes are dark and usually brown dark. The ears are hanging and give one of soft leather. The jaws powerful and one are articulated out of scissors. The tail thinned on 1/3 its length giving him an osseous aspect. The legs are long. It needs freedom and space
This breed Required lots of space , A well trained Rajapalayam can be a excellent watch dogs, This breed was mainly used for the Hunting purposes and as a watch dog


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