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Healthy diet is the best way to reduce weight and to have healthy life. To sustain healthy life you have to have fresh vegetables and fruits daily.
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New Delhi, India (prHWY.com) May 16, 2012 - When you want to remain healthy and fit along with maintain healthy diet then you have to keep in check your cholesterol levels in your body. There are two types of cholesterol good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is also known as LDL (Low-Density- lipoprotein). LDL thickens the wall of arteries and blocked blood from reaching the desired place making you venerable to heart diseases as a result of accumulation of cholesterol inside your blood vessels.

Having a healthy diet can control cholesterol, which include foods like green vegetables and fresh fruits etc. Eating food that is low in sugar and fat also helps you to lower down cholesterol levels. You can plan your diet plan in such way that while maintain good healthy diet you can plan a day in a week which is no-cholesterol day. On that day you would not eat foods that are high on cholesterol. Foods that are organically grown are the ones who would have no cholesterol. Foods available in most of the markets are not chemical free. Chemicals used on food increase their cholesterol content by following these small tips can lower down your cholesterol and also help in weight loss. There are some of the tips that will help you maintain healthy diet for lowering down cholesterol levels.

Tips that will help to control cholesterol through healthy diet-

Whenever you eat egg try to avoid egg yolk. Most of the cholesterol is present in egg yolk. Egg white has most of all the nutrients of the egg it is rich in protein, which helps you to develop lean muscles and will help you to lose weight. Now you can choose whatever the way you like eating eggs like boiled or omelets eat it without yolk.

Eat fewer foods that have trans fats foods like chips, pastries and patties are high on transfat. Tran's fat increases the bad cholesterol levels in your body. First of all avoid foods like these and if you cannot control the temptation prepare it at home.

Increase the amount of green vegetables you eat. Green vegetables help you lower down cholesterol and it does not have fat so by eating green vegetables you would be able to lose weight naturally. You can prepare of your vegetables by cooking them in water or you can use olive oil instead of ghee or any normal oil to cook them.

Try to include fish in your diet If you live nearby sea shores its an advantage that you would get your fish fresh but nowadays they are available in most of the places. Fish is rich in protein as it has more protein content then chicken or a egg. Fish is also a good source of fatty acid, which also helps you to lower down cholesterol.

Try to avoid excessive use of salts in your meals or dishes moreover you should completely avoid eating salt raw it also weakens your bones. You can substitute salt by other natural herbs, which helps you to maintain healthy diet along with maintain healthy lifestyle.


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