It is Now Easy to Utilize the Minimalist Solar Lantern and Induction Cooker from AURA

May 2012: Many products come and go but those from AURA, a sustainable company from the Indian subcontinent, have stayed put.
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mumbai, India ( May 13, 2012 - The Solar Lantern and Induction Cooker are some of the minimalist paraphernalia in the list of a company that has been in operation for over two decades.

Details from the site show that the Solar Lantern has now become more efficient than its predecessors or even alternative lamps. It can now reach an energy efficiency of 85 per cent. This means that one does not have to go buying kerosene or install electric cables in a home just so as to meet lighting needs. Not only does this product ensure a sharp brilliance, but it also reduces the rate of consumption because of its low energy input.

The minimalist form of the Solar Lantern increases its level of utility. It is compact and weighs only a few ounces. This means that a user can carry it and use it in any place that he or she wishes without any troubleshooting hitches. It is also quite functional despite its designate form that catches the eye of the user. This is seen from the fact that one can go with it to the field and still maintain its level of temperature. In fact, its external plastic material provides a protective shield that also acts foolproof against weather forces. At the same time, this has an insulator role that maintains the level of energy output that the user has set for the device. Thus, one can maximize the minimalist form of the device to boost the internal output.

The other device that is set to surprise users with efficiency from its minimalist form includes the Induction Cooker. AURA has sent word that it comes in a flash-proof style. In fact, the open-ended design allows it to have half a dozen utilities. These are both automatic and manual. For example, in the former sense, one can time it to about four hours during a cooking session. If that time comes when one is not around, it turns off itself. Thus, unlike other cookers, it relies on automatic commands to prevent outages.

Because of its functional design, the Induction Cooker also provides cooking capabilities that are consistent. This means that all food will cook in the same measure, temperature and time. It reaches a level of perfection because it is portable and can be easy to use in any room. The latter quality comes from the fact that it does not emit fumes during any given session. Thus, it passes the litmus test for sustainability. A final minimalist function of the device is the fact that it is available in a small display screen that does not hinder other external features. One can check the temperature levels and make the necessary adjustments after reading the quoted figures of between 5 degree at the lowest and 240 degrees at the highest. This means that one can gain as much as possible of efficiency from the device.

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