Spartamatrix - Overview of the Port of Rijeka Project

Sparta Matrix â„¢ Inc. 55% owner of Miklavja LC the Joint Venture Company formed to develop and operate the Transportation complex defined by the Multimodal Logistics Service Center. Sparta Matrix is the designer, program manager.
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Los Angeles, CA ( April 28, 2012 - Overview:
Sparta Matrixâ„¢ Inc., along with its partners in the Miklavja LC Joint Venture is developing the 157 hectare Multimodal Logistics Service Centre "MLC" (Dry Port, Rail-port, Green Energy Production Facility) serving the Deepwater Ports of Rijeka and Koper as well as the Aerodrom/Krk International Air Cargo center.
1. Sparta Matrixâ„¢ Inc., is a private US corporation founded in 2001. It is an accredited Global Leader in Infrastructure Development and Systems Integration of Logistics and Transport Engineering Systems specializing in:
a. Logistics Infrastructure Development and Systems Integration related to Transportation Systems;
b. Port Modernization and implementation of Green Compliance aspects related to infrastructure development;
c. Integration of advanced telecommunications and satellite network technology;
d. Embedded Artificial Intelligence Security Systems and Encryption Algorithms.
2. Sparta Matrixâ„¢ has a proven track record of successful implementation of logistics related support systems that have been implemented in Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka and other Global Markets.
3. Over 50 Strategic Alliances established with Government agencies, transportation organizations, and Aerospace contractors.
The Croatia Project is the development of a Multimodal Logistics Service Center (MLC) which supports Two Existing Major Maritime Ports: Rijeka & Koper; and TWO International Gateway Airport for Croatia at Rijeka on Krk Island and Pula (Isteria Peninsula). (Service Area: within one day drive to approximately 500 million populations).
The Infrastructure Project: Focus on Bio-Secure Food Supply Chain, Fuel/ Green Energy and Trade Finance.
Facilities Already Planned and Approved for Development between 2010 to 2015 include:
1. 1,500,000 Square Feet of Climate Controlled Warehouse & Distribution facilities. Hub services for all of Central and Eastern Europe as well as all former South and Eastern Soviet Russian States. High Value cargo; NATO sanctioned Food and Fuel Processing Facilities +100,000 Sq. Ft. Customs Bonded Warehouse.
2. 20,000 Sq. Ft. Cryogenic De-flashing Service & Treatment Center. (20 cryogenic-processors) served by on-site;
3. Industrial Gas production: Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon.
4. 150 MW Privately Owned Green Energy Generation Complex: 80% Natural Gas (Siemens); 20% other including Solar and Biomass.
5. Pan-Europe Cross-Road : Multimodal Transport Service and Fuel Depot (rail, truck/lorry, air, sea).
6. Free Trade Zone (EXIM goods, ecommerce invoicing & banking, gaming, manufacturing and professional trade & education training centers; logistics satellite network aggregation and data centre.
7. European Outsourcing Zone: focused on Outsourced Services owned and operated by Overseas Alliance Partners Companies.
8. Tertiary/ University Education and Professional Technical Training Complex.
9. Independent (Project Owned Cooperative) Green (Hybrid) Energy Distribution System.
10. One of largest Bulk Break Commodities Capacity and Servicing in the Mediterranean region. Agricultural Exchange for commodities especially natural fibers and grains.
11. Euro Pallet and Container Trading / Exchange Facilities. Full service trade finance bank and e-commerce.
12. Electronics and Scrap Recycling & Resource Center focused on supplying Emerging Economies and their industries with a Green Recycling Materials Center.

The MLC Business Structure is defined as:
Sparta Matrix â„¢ Inc. 55% owner of Miklavja LC the Joint Venture Company formed to develop and operate the Transportation complex defined by the Multimodal Logistics Service Center. Sparta Matrix is the designer, program manager, and has the responsibility of implementing the business plan.
Republic of Croatia, Primorsko-Goranska County, Municipality of Matulji is the 30 percent owner of Miklavja LC and is the government agency partner for the promotion of the port expansion projects
AMA Zagreb d.o.o is the 12 percent owner of the Miklavja LC and is a consultant to the project to assist with the power and energy generation aspects of the first phase of the project.
Rijeka Promet d.d. is a 3 percent owner of Miklavja LC , Provides ISO 9001 and is a government organization responsible for transportation and logistics in the City of Rijeka and surrounding regions.


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