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The iPhone 4S has got to be one of the most peculiar devices ever made. It started the whole touchscreen smartphone madness that the world is currently experiencing.
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Manila, Philippines (prHWY.com) April 23, 2012 - The iPhone 4S has got to be one of the most peculiar devices ever made. It started the whole touchscreen smartphone madness that the world is currently experiencing.

Aside from that, it spawned other trends such as iPhoneography. It even started an iPhone camera accessory industry! Even games like Angry Birds and Temple Run are well - known, thanks to the iPhone, and other iOS devices for that matter.

More than that, plenty of other accessories have come out, all thanks to the iPhone 2g. You'll find plenty of them, from unusual (that are actually useful), to the just plain silly.
We'll explore some of these accessories right now, so continue reading:

iBottle Opener

The iPhone is touted as the phone that can do anything! Some people are exaggerating, but this can be true, if you happen to have the iBottle opener.
As the name implies, it opens bottles. So if you're at a party or looking to impress the ladies, this is the one for you.

How many people can say that their phones can open bottles? No one! Only you have the power to do that. The best thing is, the case is very sturdy too, and it can withstand thousands of bottles thrown at you.

iPhone SLR Mount

Yes, you can practically turn your iPhone into a DSLR just by buying an SLR mount. Not only will it make you take great shots, it'll also make you look silly, but who cares? You've got the iPhone to make them jealous anyway!

The SLR mount by Photojojo is a great product because it can fit a wide variety of SLR lenses, like Nikon and Canon.

If that's too much for you, you can also make use of smaller camera lenses. They're cuter and just as silly. One product is the iPhone 4 for cash zoom lens by Conice. It allows you to have 6x optical zoom, which is great, because digital zoom blurs out the pictures.

Fonejacker Hacker iPhone Dock

The Apple subculture is always regarded as a kind of hipster culture. Hipsters are always known for their affinity for anything vintage. Well, they have something to brag about now, with the Fonejacker Hacker dock!

It's modeled after the telephones of the past - the ones with rotating dials. Basically, it does whatever an iPhone dock does, play music and charge your device. But the real cool thing about the dock is that it has an actual working telephone, complete with the curly wire! Now that's a blast from the past.

Waterproof Cases

Ever thought about using your iPhone underwater? Well now you can!
With Dry Case waterproof cases, you can put your iPhone in it (or an iPad if you like) and take pictures underneath the water. You can even record too!
It's pretty plain and simple. Just stuff your phone into the bag and that's it. It even has a connector for your earphones.


If you're going to sell your iPhone 4S to Cash For iPhones, maybe these accessories will help change your mind. Wait, as a matter of fact, don't sell your iPhone 4S. Buy these accessories right now!


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