Become 1 of 80 With Buildchatter

Average Facebook User Only Interacts With 80 Pages; New Buildchatter App Builder Helps Brands Break Through With Low-Cost, Sophisticated, Interactive Branded Applications They Can Build Themselves.
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Toronto, Canada ( April 7, 2012 - It's been said that the over 750 million active users on Facebook are a captive audience for marketers, however, they're also discerning in nature. Having been exposed to the clever marketing techniques of major brands for all of their lives, they often exhibit unspoken expectations for how they desire to be marketed to. This is why; out of the over 900 million objects that social media users interact with, individual users, on average, are only connected to 80 pages, groups and events. So, how can a new or burgeoning brand - especially one with a limited design budget - break through and become one of any individual's network? (Note: Facebook has provided all Facebook statistics and figures.)

Become 1 of 80 With Buildchatter

To receive a "like" from a user is something no brand can take for granted, since the average user has over 130 friends who can potentially follow their lead. To say a brand can quickly go viral with a slick, user-friendly and compelling campaign is an understatement to be sure, seeing as the average user creates roughly 90 pieces of content each month and the network as a whole boasts a whopping 30+ billion pieces of shared content.

"Today, the tactics that work best, at the very least, require a certain level of design savvy," commented Buildchatter President and Founder John Macintosh, "which is why Facebook branded app design too pricey a proposition for most who have neither the thousands of dollars or the weeks to months it traditional involves to design, test and launch a customized app. We're looking to level that playing field a bit with Buildchatter."

Indeed, the new Buildchatter custom branded DIY app builder can help any company, organization or individual create interactive, sophisticated, user-friendly branded Facebook applications in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. From small businesses, agencies, and real estate, to law and medical offices, and from clubs, organizations, health and fitness clubs, spas and beauty salons to restaurants, entertainment groups, churches and charities, Buildchatter is an easy to use app design tool for anyone to use, regardless of design experience.

Social Media Marketing At A Fraction Of The Cost

With step-by-step instructions, building a Facebook application with Buildchatter is easy, plus users retain full control of their applications once they go live, they can customize an app's design, layout, notifications, links and viral sharing options. What's more, app building with Buildchatter is free and hosting packages run as low as $39 per month.

Currently, Buildchatter offers 11 customizable Facebook applications, including the all-important "Fanpage", a Video Showcase, Voting Contests and Sweepstakes, Coupon and Groupbuy apps, Showrooms and Boutiques which can include a sales interface via Paypal, Polling and Quizzes and so much more.

About Buildchatter
Buildchatter is a Toronto, ON based web development firm offering a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive suite of easy to use yet function rich premium Facebook applications. All applications are well purposed and designed to perform specific tasks, from "sharing" to collecting fan data and from performing mass engagements to selling or showcasing products and more. Founded in April 2011 and entering its hard launch phase in January/February 2012, Builchatter's brandable applications allow any user, with or without any design ability, to build and deploy branded apps on their Facebook business or fan page. These apps facilitate more likes, shares, network expansions and transactions.

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