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Addiction to drugs, is rapidly growing in modern age, with people trying to cope with a fast paced lifestyle. Life is a combination of emotions and as a result these extreme emotions such as grief, loss, depression, isolation, stress etc. result in d
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British Columbia, Canada (prHWY.com) April 6, 2012 - LDR REHAB CENTER PROUD MOMENT
LDR Rehab Center takes pride to state that only the finest professionals who have expertise experience over the years, are involved to caters to the patient's needs in a comprehensive way. Without any addictive, the full recovery program of LDR Rehab Center provides a complete process that will change the patient's outlook towards life. Often patients return to drug addiction after some months of treatment and in order to prevent this cause for addiction the LDR Holistic Rehab offers the all inclusive recovery program that comprises of customized treatment plans, small discussion groups, flexible clinical services, workshops and educational sessions, talented staffs to assist and much more.

All under one roof

The LDR Holistic Rehab is a one stop Center for all the facilities and services that are available under one roof. Patients are commonly divided under categories in accordance with their problems and the severity of addiction. The outpatient group comprises of mostly addicts in their initial stage who need to regularly visit the center and attend counseling sessions, while the inpatient treatment for residential patients is far for more advanced for addicts who need to stay under observation and receive constant treatment for a longer period of time.

Organized approach

The At LDR Holistic Rehab Center provides a proper and organized approach in order to ensure that the patient receives maximum benefits. From the initial intake and assessment processes to a full recovery program, the professional team of this rehab center maintains a systematic approach thus enabling enhanced diagnosis, interaction, counseling and medical complications for every patient. On completion of the one to one counseling session will the doctors of LDR Rehab then decide on an effective the treatment plan. Relevant information is obtained from the counseling session such as preference of drug, frequency of use, additional treatment history etc. and at times meetings are also conducted with the addict's family members in order to comprehend the problem to its fullest extent.

The Aim- Intervention Services

The intervention services such as care and support enable patients respond towards positivity and not merely administering them with routine medication. The main aim of LDR Holistic Rehab Center is to erase the cause of drug addiction right from its roots. Keeping this aim in mind, the doctors and therapists use customized treatment plans that are exclusively designed to cater to the needs of every drug addict. The three dimension treatment of LDR Holistic Rehab (bio-psycho-social approach) is a complete recovery treatment process focused for healthy living.

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You can pay a visit to LDR drug rehab center or contact the staff via email or phone.


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