Addiction Treatment Program At LDR Holistic Drug Rehab Is Customized

Drug addiction is a problem that is rapidly growing in Canada. Rehab centers are the only solution for the drug addiction. However, locating a rehab center which caters to the needs of every patient is no doubt a herculean task. The LDR Holistic Dru
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British Columbia, Canada ( April 6, 2012 - The LDR Holistic Rehab Center constantly maintains a bio-psycho-social approach that not only erases the desire and want for drugs but simultaneously also improves and develops the mechanical skills of the patients which enables them to return to a holistic lifestyle. This programs aims at bringing about a balance between of the mind, body and soul. It is an unending endeavor of every staff at the LDR Holistic Rehab Center to facilitate clients in their adjustment towards a life free from drug addiction.

What does the LDR Rehab Center have to offer?
At the LDR Rehab Center, we not only routinely check patients also customize their treatment programs in accordance with the patients needs to enable to receive the maximum benefits. The psychologists and professionals at the LDR Holistic Center, get a complete and clear idea of the patients requirements with the help of the information received through the counseling sessions. A complete study of the patients history, such as choice of drug, frequency of intake, previous diagnosis, behavioral changes etc. is undertaken. Only after the completion of a detailed investigation and counseling with the patient and the family, the doctors and therapists decide the course of treatment.

How does a counseling session assist a drug addict?

During the counseling session, the medical help at LDR Rehab gets to understand the cause of drug addiction which varies from depression, grief, loss, trauma and sexual abuse to gambling, stress and much more. Once the cause is identified, the counselors, therapists and interventionists chart out a treatment program that is customized specifically to address the patient's every need. Further, planning of various strategies and aftercare programs to ensure complete removal of the drug addiction relapse tendencies and enable the to help the patient get back to normal life in with full confidence. At LDR Rehab, patients are provided with a comprehensive drug recovery program help with customized treatment processes bordering on intervention services, medical help, detox facilities, private counseling and therapies, residential treatment facility and much more.

Watch and assist after-care: The LDR Holistic Rehab Center is committed to provide patients with an opportunity for healthy living by providing effective solutions. , On completion of treatment, patients are advised to attend various workshops on addiction that are conducted on a regular basis. This helps to educate the individuals about the adversities of drug addiction through analysis and discussions.

Totality approach to family:
Apart from bringing about the recovery of the patient, the staffs at the LDR Holistic Rehab Center evaluate the anxieties that the family members undergo on account of the drug addict and offer the complete support. The custom made family counseling and education sessions enlighten the participants with the disease, its effects, treatments and other related details. Comfort, encouragement, support and love are the ingredients used to assist drug addicts to regain self- confidence and return to normalcy of life.

Don't delay. Visit the LDR Holistic Rehab Center today for a customized treatment program.

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