The Homeowners Revolt.Com Launches Its "Securities Fraud Lawsuit" Document

Order your program before the December due date, and youSAVE $224.50 off the regular price of $1,495.00. It's been uploaded to the site, and is ready for download NOW!
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Mortgage/Foreclosure Specialist/M.B.A, MA ( April 4, 2012 - Order your program before the December due date, and youSAVE $224.50 off the regular price of $1,495.00. It's been uploaded to the site, and is ready for download NOW!

This powerful program allows you to 100% legally reconvey the property title back into the homeowner's name. This program empowers you like Donald Trump, and teaches you that you now have the power to say YOU'RE FIRED to the Trustee, and revoke any power to foreclose on your property it once enjoyed. Now, you're the boss!

You're in control, and you decide what happens to your property from here on out. The bank has to come through you now, to commit their possible fraudulent foreclosure of your property, and you're just not gonna let that happen!

Our program has been designed in strict compliance with all State and Federal laws, and our 14 years of Civil Litigation experience, and our Nationwide network of law firm affiliates, separate us from the rest, and protect you even after you've taken your property back free & clear. Simply, no other company compares with The Homeowners Revolt.Com!

Also, stay tuned, as The Homeowners Revolt.Com will soon release its new "Houdini Debt Elimination Program". We show you how to "Erase Your Debt 4 FREE". Yes, like Houdini,"Your Debt Just Disappears". We are bringing you the MOST POWERFUL foreclosure fighting documents available on the Internet, here at The Homeowners Revolt.Com!.

Also, see our "Stop Trustee Sale Demand" document, and our "
" documents, which are the latest addition to our powerful fighting fraudulent foreclosures to WIN arsenal.

The "Stop Trustee Sale Demand" document puts the trustee on notice that if they move forward with the trustee sale of your property, without confirming that the lender can prove by documented evidence, that it is the true owner of your loan, the trustee will be sued in a court of law. This will put them on pause as they postpone the sale to cover their butts from being sued. Its a powerful document, and has worked wonderfully for many of our clients.
Our "Notice Of Fraudulent Transfer" is designed to be used If your property is about to be sold. This powerful document puts all prospective buyers on notice that a dispute has been filed clouding the title, making it highly unlikely that any title company will issue title insurance on the property. No one dares buy a property without the guarantee of clear title. You stop the bank's fraudulent sale dead in its tracks! Only The Homeowners Revolt.Com brings you these comprehensive strategies in order to fight your mortgage WAR, and WIN!
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We want to hear from our valued customers, to make sure you receive the professional customer service, and courtesy considerations you deserve.

Thank you for visiting the MOST POWERFUL foreclosure fighting document site on the Internet!THE HOMEOWNERS REVOLT.COM


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