Improved Athletic and Work Performance from a Portland Chiropractor

ProHealth Chiropractic in Portland Oregon in a recent article discussed the ability of chiropractors to improve athletic performance.
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Portland, OR ( March 23, 2012 - Portland, OR, (March 23, 2012) - ProHealth Chiropractic in Portland Oregon in a recent article discussed the ability of chiropractors to improve athletic performance. While not direct claims of measurable performance gains are mentioned there are some intriguing points made by the Portland chiropractor.

Chiropractors work with patients to improve their spinal column but even more specifically to improve the neuromuscular responses associated with a properly functioning spine. The point brought forward by the doctor is good common sense. When world class athletes, and even high school athletes, compete the difference in winning and losing can be a split second or fraction of an inch. With those tiny differences making such a big impact having a perfectly working nervous system is required.

What does this mean for the average person? How much difference would have your body functioning at an optimum level mean for you at work or play? How often has minor pain stopped you from having the full range of motion necessary to work or compete effectively?

The chiropractor Portland residents often recommend for enhancing performance and eliminating pain is Dr. Jeff Robinson. His focus on treating the entire patient has led patients to experience amazing changes in their lives. In the article discussing sports performance it was noted that nearly every professional sports team maintains a chiropractor on staff and many top athletes visit chiropractors consistently to keep their bodies ready for peak performance.

While most of us will not choose to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis in order to enhance performance, it is important to understand how communication in our spine can affect all aspects of our life. This allows you to confidently consult a chiropractor in Portland when you feel pain creeping in, or notice your performance decreasing.

The team at ProHealth Chiropractic does not stop with only pain management. They work with you to improve your physical condition, nutrition, and to teach you techniques to eliminate stress. Their focus is on your overall health and performance, not just trying to get you back to normal. They desire to see you excel in life. The team consists of a leading Portland chiropractor and two licensed massage therapists.

You can learn more about how these Portland chiropractors and licensed massage therapists can help eliminate pain and enhance performance by using the contact information below.

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Company Name: ProHealth Chirpractic
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