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NewsCollective, an international online news bureau aimed at bringing technology to the publishing arena and updating the way content is created by writers and photographers and marketed to media organizations.
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stockholm, Sweden ( November 27, 2010 - NewsCollective, which is still in its beta testing, has received a phenomenal response with more than 1500 writers and photographers and 50 publishers registering to avail its services. It was launched on 28th April 2010 as an invite-only website for a very select number of professional writers to start exploring the many tools freely available on the site to build their online identity, create/ upload/ sell articles, manage their professional reputation and build better working relationships with publishers and peers online.
Unlike other sites, where uploading content was a strenuous task for content creators, NewsCollective is a refreshing change. Once approved, professional journalists can upload content on NewsCollective in a matter of few minutes under three categories - Free, Premium and Exclusive.
The created content can be latest news, features, analysis, as well as reviews of books, movies, products and any other relevant topic except adult or pornographic content that is explicit in nature.
As NewsCollective is accessed by publishers from all over the world, the preferred language for creating content is English, but the site also provides support to another 12-15 different languages.
NewsCollective also provides content creators with the 'Offer for Article' (OFA) feature. Here, content creators can sell content before they its actually written i.e. they can find buyers for the content before writing it.
When creating an OFA, details like the OFA title, what the content is about, content submission date, tentative selling price and the last date for receiving offers from publishers need to be mentioned. And if publishers have any further questions, there is a discussion board that can be used to discuss and finalize the OFA agreement.
Another benefit for content creators who are part of the NewsCollective community is that they set their own price for content they upload. This gives content creators the right to sell articles at a price that justifies their time and effort put in to create content. Even better news for content creators is that they don't need to pay anything to register at NewsCollective and still enjoy unlimited access to publishers and sell their content to them.
There are no minimum educational qualifications to be a professional journalist on NewsCollective. However, when registering, the journalist needs to be of a legal working age based on their resident country's law.
If you are a professional journalist, freelance writer or a photojournalist, now is the time to make use of the NewsCollective platform to increase your presence in the journalism world and interact with publishers without the hassle of worrying about payment issues. When content is purchased by a publisher - who can buy only when the requisite funds is available in the account - the funds are automatically deducted and transferred to the journalist's account. This ensures that there are no payment related issues and the content creator is also paid for his work.
Registering on NewsCollective is easy and contact details and other personal information provided at the time of registration is not shared with any third party or publisher on the site. So, why wait any longer when you can have access to the global publishing world at the click of a button.



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