Does an Ancient Remedy Work Better than Modern Drugs?

New product released by Sweet Cures (York UK) challenges traditional thinking. A natural remedy called Wild Oregano Oil C80 is proving powerfully effective against pathogens that challenge traditional allopathic medicine.
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York, United Kingdom ( March 7, 2010 - The innovative health products formulation company Sweet Cures (York, UK) has released a top strength organic-certified Wild Oregano Oil onto the world market, after trialling the product for many months to reach the most effective formulation.

Used in traditional medicine for thousands of years before the terms 'antimicrobial', 'antiviral', and 'antifungal' were introduced, Wild Oregano Oil C80â„¢ is extracted from organic oregano plants that grow wild, high in the mountainous regions off the coast of the Mediterranean, where the clean mountain air and cool, sometimes freezing air produces plants that are natural survivors, and which contain powerful Carvacrol, Cymenes, Caryophyllene, Borneol, y-Terpinenel, Terpinene-4-ol, and Thymol components, each of which on its own is effective against many pathogens and parasites, but which work synergistically with each other to multiply the effect, making this one of the most powerful antimicrobials in existence.

For thousands of years the mountain farmers in the region have collected these plants to feed to their sheep and goats, and they claim that the animals rarely if ever get the usual infections that spread amongst other animal populations.

This should mean that someone taking a regular maintenance dose of the Wild Oregano Oil C80 would be far less likely to contract an infection. So far Sweet Cures customer feedback supports this, with comments coming in like,

"My whole family had Swine Flu, and I can only put the fact that I didn't contract it down to my maintenance dose of Sweet Cures C80."

"After weeks of trying proprietary anti-fungal pills, pessaries, and creams for my thrush, including what my doctor prescribed, in just two days after starting the Wild Oregano Oil from Sweet Cures, the thrush disappeared. It seems to get to every part of the body... "

Not only can Wild Oregano Oil C80 be used internally, it can be used (diluted) as a muscle rub or as a rub-on treatment for things like Scabies, Psoriasis, and Eczema. It is also considered by experts in natural therapies to be a potent pain killer. In his book The "Practice of Aromatherapy", the author, Jean Valnet, claims that Wild Oregano Oil was used long before anti-inflammatory drugs and opiates by herbalists and natural healers for the effective reduction of inflammation and pain relief. At Sweet Cures they have tried it against headaches and aches and pains, and it appears to work as well as or better than off-the-shelf painkillers.

As a contact antiseptic also, Wild Oregano Oil has no modern equal apart from the strongest of bleaches. Used in a spray, even diluted 1:10, it kills all known pathogens on contact, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Taking a 60 year step backwards, before the onset of modern pharmaceuticals and hospital-borne infections, it was used by surgeons to sterilise surgical instruments before use.

The knowledge of effective solutions that are not supplied by large pharmaceutical firms is largely forgotten now, but companies like Sweet Cures are fighting back, bringing effective natural products into the public domain, and teaching the world that when drugs fail, it does not necessarily mean there is no remedy for a situation. The natural way might prove to be the most effective long-term solution.


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