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My friends needed to get to this really out-of-the-world party where you were expected to dress boheme and I didn't have a costume
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shanghai, China (prHWY.com) March 8, 2012 - My friends needed to get to this really out-of-the-world party where you were expected to dress boheme and I didn't have a costume. I knew that this was a place where everything was permissible, but I wanted to try something that would be so bohemian chic that I would stand out. I asked my friend Sheila if she had anything that would look unmistakeably arrogantly outrageous with my patterned leggings and she didn't have it.

Me and Sheila have been on again off again lovers and she was now with Rocca who is also like us, if you know what I mean, and this might have made her queasy about sharing her clothes with me. Lovers can get pretty possessive. And if you see your lover's clothes lying around in her ex-lover's room, you might get jealous if only for a little while.http://www.yfmart.com

I knew that Sheila was only stalling, that she would give in eventually, but I thought I oughtn't push her into doing something she might regret. So I emptied my coffers and found exactly 100 dollars. Then in a blinding flash, Aerosmith appeared in my mind's eye and I decided that I could dress in colour with scarves, silk bandanas, and unkempt hair.

It was spring after all and nature was colour. And if the earth was speaking, I was listening. In her whispered song, I could hear the flutter of the wings of the birds, and the gentle blooming of the flowers. Then I let her guide me to the electronic highway; I logged on to the computer and there it was this perfect floral venus-like blouse with bead work. I found it on Yfmart.com and it was, wonder of wonders, cheap too.

I thanked the mother gaia for her beauteous guidance and sent for that little item right away. The dress arrived in perfect condition. And I wore it over my army pants and I met this unbelievable goddess at the party who not only liked the way I felt about the world in general but also had a uniquely persuasive philosophical stance on existentialism.

Thank you Yfmart for making my day. Thank you for bringing me nearer to feeling at one with nature. And most of all, thank you for helping me find this lovely goddess of a woman who is now my partner in rhyme and reason. Thank you for your wonderful service! I appreciate it.


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