Hail Season is coming...Are you ready?

The hail season is about to start, do you know what to do? Do you have the proper insurance coverage? Do you know what to do if you are driving when the storm strikes? Should you cover your car? Read on to learn more...
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Williams Bay, WI (prHWY.com) February 21, 2012 - Many people do not even think about hail storms until they are a victim of one. As the owner of Autohail, a dent repair company specializing in hail damage, that is all we think about.

You should know that hail damage is covered under the comprehensive category of your auto insurance. With the hail season upon us, you should check your deductible amount as well as your coverage details to make sure that they make sense. We run into situations all the time where a customer has $1000 deductible and $1000 worth of damage. Your insurance representative can help you weigh the benefits of raising or lowering your deductible amount to a place that you can afford, that actually covers your vehicle well.

If you happen to be driving when it starts to hail, try to find safe shelter if it is close by. If not, pull over to a safe spot where other vehicles will not hit you and try to get towards the center of the vehicle and find something to cover up with. Hail will shatter windshields and other windows, but will rarely come all the way through the safety glass. Hail stones bouncing off your vehicle can be incredibly scary, but usually not unsafe on its own. Hail becomes deadly when people continue to drive where they cannot see. We recommend finding a safe place to pull over out of harms way. and wait out the storm. The dents in your car should not be the concern, being safe should be!

Another thing we see in every hail storm is people running out of the protection of their homes to throw blankets or mattresses over their cars. We advise against this. It is not worth risking injury or even death to save your car from some dents. It usually does not help prevent the damage anyway and even if it minimizes it, it is typically not going to save much of the repair costs. Another common mistake is standing at the window to watch the storm. HAIL BREAKS GLASS! With todays smart phones, everyone wants to make a video of the hail for youtube. Please do not risk injury for this.


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