10% Of World's Population Is Now Obese, Double Than 30 Years Ago!

In 1980, the percentage of obese people around the world was around 5%, while in 2008 it reached 9.8% in men and 13.8% among women.
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Georgia, GA (prHWY.com) February 14, 2012 - Over 10% of the world population is obese, double than in 1980, according to a series of studies published in the latest medical journal called The Lancet. Investigations carried out with the objective of identifying the risk factors in coronary artery disease, agrees that there is an "obesity pandemic" which is a consequence of the fact that more countries are adopting western lifestyles.

In 2008, over 500 million people worldwide were obese, or had the Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30.

Obesity is more common among women since there are over 297 million of obese women, compared to only 205 million men. This means that 9.8% of all men on the planet and 13.8% of women were obese in 2008, compared to 4.8% and 7.9% in 1980.

The highest rate of obesity has been among the Pacific islands, with an average BMI levels between 34 and 45, with over 70% more than in the countries of Southeast Asia and Africa. Among developed countries, the U.S. listed at No. 1 on the list of obesity, with an average BMI of 28, both men and women, which means that being overweight is normal in this country already.

The Lancet published three studies analyzed together, the overall levels of obesity, cholesterol and blood pressure sharing the results.

Rich countries were those who managed the biggest advances in controlling hypertension and have succeeded, also thanks to medical systems that during this period were used to reduce the average levels of cholesterol within the population.

The Baltic nations or countries of East and West Africa recorded the highest blood pressure levels in the world. The presence of these health problems moved towards poorer countries, becoming a global problem.

Gretchen Stevens, from the World Health Organization has reported that they already know that changes in diet and physical activity have contributed to decreased global health, but added that "they are not yet very clear what methods have been helping more effectively in reducing obesity. We need to identify, apply and evaluate the most rigorous interventions aimed at stopping or limiting the harmful effects of these trends," he said.

Dr Mike Knapton of the British Heart Foundation said that the number of obese people in the last 30 years has increased a lot and also said that "we face a global challenge to cope with increasing BMI, cholesterol levels and hypertension, and the major risk factors are in coronary problems. "

In Spain, Thao Salud Infantil Foundation presented a study revealing that one in every three children aged between 3 and 12 years, are suffering from overweight. Spain is the European country with the highest BMI among overweight children and concludes that the prevention of obesity before the age of 3 is one of the key elements necessary for braking childhood obesity.

The study presented in Barcelona showed that Spain is situated among those European countries with the highest index of overweight in childhood, with a proportion around 30%, of which 21.1% overweight and 8.2% obese. Finding an effective solution for reducing obesity around the world is critical and some of the best methods are weight loss program like the diet solution book and fitness exercises specially created for losing weight and building muscles.


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