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Essex, CM14 4SX, United Kingdom ( April 27, 2010 - Essex, UK, April 20, 2010: Vitality4life, being a fitness site, also provides Aquasana Water Filters in UK with all the tips and informations to add fresh and pure water to your life.

It is imperative to have pure water, as tap water can be harmful to your health. Most water sources use chemicals i.e. chlorine, and other chemicals which are highly unhealthy. Also, most tap water basically comes from inferior quality sources. A best example is the city where you live. They get the water from the nearby local river, which is not at all clean. Several cities dump sewage into the river. There were many farms also that contribute agriculture chemicals to the river. That is where our drinking water came from!

Water is one of the basic components that your body requires to function. In fact 70% of your body is made up of water. When you intake sufficient pure water, your body functions better.

Research has discovered that those persons who drink plenty of water lose weight more easily than persons who don't. The reason behind this is that toxins stored in your body fat can be drained with water resulting in weight loss.

It may not be visible to you, but your body intakes many toxins every day. The food you consume, the air you take, and the tap water you drink all contains toxins. A good supply of pure water enables your body to drain out toxins from your liver, joints, fat and other parts of body they are stored.

When you intake sufficient water, your digestive system functions more smoothly. Many health problems can be actually to an extent traced to your digestive system, and the simplest, best way to enhance your digestive system is to drink plentiful of pure water.

Your immune system is another function of your body the better functioning of which entirely depends on the sufficient supply of water. If you want to bolster your immune system's capability to combat viruses and bacteria, the best step you can take is to drink more pure water. Your immune system's job is to kill harmful elements
before they affect you adversely. It combat the harmful elements present in your body. It is all done in the presence of ample water in your body.

Water is the vital "nutrients" that is important to your body. When you intake sufficient water, every system, organ in your body gets benefit. Of course, it should be pure water. So go for pure water only and watch the difference!

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