Gilbert Rousseau, Robert Landeros, Katherine Anderson & Jim Herring

Investors have hired Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. to aid in their quest to locate $6,000,000 that "vanished" with Single Source Technology officers and employees: Gilbert Rousseau, Robert Landeros, Katherine Anderson and Jim Herring.
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Porter Ranch, CA ( February 4, 2012 - Porter Ranch, California - February, 4 2012 - Gilbert Rousseau, last known address 11820 Stewarton Drive, Porter Ranch, CA 91326, formally located at 16134 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406, is now the center of a nationwide ongoing investigation involving possible interstate securities, criminal and elderly fraud. Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. , the world's largest private investigation and research firm specializing in Securities Fraud and its associated criminal activity, has been hired by previous investor/s to investigate Single Source Technology, Inc. formally of Van Nuys, CA.

According to the multiple 14 separate allegations and/or complaint/s filed with multiple State Securities Divisions, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Criminal Investigation Service Center for Mail Fraud of the United States Postal Services, etc., Rousseau, CEO of Single Source, along with Robert A. Landeros, COO, Katherine Anderson, and Jim Herring are alleged to have engaged in a nationwide scheme to separate investor/s illegally from their money for the purpose of self-enrichment. All attempts by Colt Ledger & Associate, Inc. to contact Single Source, Rousseau and Landeros to clarify their position have been ignored, and the last attempts resulted in returned mail and disconnected phone lines. Apparently Rousseau and Landeros, after receiving multiple State Securities Cease and Desist Orders for illegally contacting potential investors and offering unregistered securities through unlicensed agents, went into hiding with approximately $6,000,000 of investor's money, to possibly avoid their investors and to possible elude further securities and criminal consequences.

In the absences of providing any accounting and/or explanatory communication, and based on the fact that Rousseau, Landeros, Katherine Anderson and Jim Herring have "vanished", investor/s are left "holding the bag" and contemplating how Gilbert Rousseau, Robert Landeros, Katherine Anderson and Jim Herring are spending the approximate $6,000,000 they were raising, that is now missing. If you have any information regarding this complaint, please contact Colt Ledger at . Colt Ledger & Associates issued a the following statement, \"Please be aware that all parties involved in this dispute are considered innocent until proven otherwise in a proper legal forum\".

A word about Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc.: The securities violations and criminal activity that Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc., generally investigates involves the fleecing of the elderly. Most of these victims have worked very hard to accumulate enough money to survive their "golden years" or, at least, that was their plan. Now with upward spiraling food and necessity costs, increasing medical costs, depreciating home values, etc., the future is not as secure as they once thought. Enter the sociopathic con men totally void of a conscience and full of larceny and "get rich" scams. Much like a pack of wild dogs that isolate the weak from the herd, they pounce and destroy their victims. They do not steal just money. They still dreams. They steal well-being. They still lives. This is who we hunt, confront and destroy, whenever and wherever possible. Need help, contact us!
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