Homeowners Insurance Is Not A Safety Net. Take Action To Protect Your Home When You Are Away.

An unattended home can fall victim to an array of calamities - squatters, costly repairs, or worse. Consider hiring a caretaker or house sitter to watch your home while you are away.
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Jacksonville, NC (prHWY.com) January 25, 2012 - Being away from home doesn't have to be a stressful ordeal. For some, a good neighbor steps in and picks up the paper, checks the mail, and feeds the fish. For others, a timer on a lamp or television is their best line of defense. Both methods are effective in their own right; however, each fall prey to error. A neighbor may become side tracked and forget to water the plants or feed the fish. An emergency may call them out of town which causes them to leave the house unsecure. Even worse, they may ask another neighbor to step in - leave the owner's key to a complete stranger.

While technology is innovative, it too has its faults. The light bulb could blow out, the timer device could malfunction, causing house lights to stay on or televisions sets to blare for hours. Consider this a warning flair to anyone who may suspect that the owner may be away from home and want to take advantage of that absence.

Homes left unoccupied can fall victim to a variety of events - squatters, burglary, or catastrophic repairs that could have been prevented if caught early (a frozen pipe bursting, an electrical shortage causing a fire, a leaking toilet causing expensive repairs to the ceiling, etc.). The good news is that this does not have to happen. Many services are available to keep a home safe while the owner is away. Places like Peace of Mind Caretaking, offer local caretakers as well as house sitters to watch residential properties.

What is the difference between a caretaker and a house sitter? The local caretakers focus on rental properties. Their responsibility is to make sure the residents of the home are compliant with the leasing agreement set up between the homeowner and the tenants. They monitor the home, collect the rent, attend to maintenance request, inspect the home before the tenants move in and after they depart, and any additional task the homeowner may wish to have completed.

A house sitter is a baby sitter for the home. The rate of checking the home is up to the owner - it could be checked daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly (depending on how long the owner is away). The house sitter would be responsible for checking the mail and forwarding it to the owner or keeping it until they return, removing newspapers, watering plants, feeding animals that could not be removed from the home (fish, reptiles, etc.), maintaining the lawn, and checking the quality of the home - inside and out (making sure everything is in top working order and no repairs are necessary).

Companies, like Peace of Mind Caretaking, offer a variety of packages or a la cart services to meet the customer's needs. Most real estate offices offer property management service, however, they normally charge 10 - 20% of the rental price to maintain the property. Peace of Mind Caretaking charges as low as 3% (bronze package) or as high as 10% (gold package). They even offer a la carte services if the owner is not interested in a package. No contracts, no hidden fees, just quality caretaking services to keep the owner's mind at ease while they are away.


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