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In the present world everybody is moving at a fast pace, and to match the competitiveness of this scenario one wants to learn a lot of things but this is not feasible most of the time because moving from one place to another consumes a
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New Jersey, NJ (prHWY.com) April 24, 2010 - What is e-tutoring?

Online tutoring is the use of the Internet for tutoring activities, or we can say, It is the process by which a student learns via the Internet with the help of a subject expert or a tutor.

How it works?

This tutoring technique involves use of several web-based programs to achieve its goals. Some of these programs or applications are email, an instant messaging, online whiteboards, etc. It is most effective when voice, video, graphics, and text can all be used at the same time. Through the help of these applications a tutor can send questions, receive accomplished exams, provide results and recommendations, clarify the concepts, assist on assignments etc. The best thing about the program is that students can learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their forms due to which a lot of other activities can be possible.

It can be applied to all student levels ranging from 1st grade to college and further. Tutorvista, kaplantutoring and subject tutor are just some of the websites where the students register and choose one of the several packages on offer. In some of the sites there is some defined schedule, whereas in some sites students can schedule classes according to their convenience. The sessions can be held 24/7 basis. There are monthly payments and hourly payment work options. In case, the student is not satisfied with your session, some tutoring companies promises to return the money what you have charged from them.


For online tutoring, a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 128 kilobytes per second is prescribed. This will ensure that the tutoring process will be smooth. A headset containing a microphone and a speaker to be used in conjunction with voice chat applications is also required. An online whiteboard or a shared screen where the lesson will be posted and discussed and a web camera for videos are also necessary.

Being a tutor requires special knowledge and skills in the subject of your interest. Tutors' are typically post-graduates/ doctorates/ graduates with tutoring experience. All prospective tutors are tested for subject knowledge. One need to be sensitive to the intellectual and emotional needs of your students. Excellent oral and interpersonal communications, adhering to the time schedule, performing duties in a professional and responsible manner, are other requirements most of the tutoring companies look for.

Some companies offer rigorous training and certification process to become certified tutors.

All teachers also undergo extensive third party background checks before being recruited. Tutors get rating from their students and those with lower ratings get self-selected out from the system.

Online tutoring is the technique of working with children through the Internet in much the same manner as tutoring children in person. The options for communicating with the child needing additional help in a subject area are often through email, chat programs, instant messaging, a message board, and video conferencing.


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