The Truth about African Mango and Weight Loss

Is there truth to the several claims about the effect of African Mangoes abetting weight loss?
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Singapore, Singapore ( January 20, 2012 - The humble African Mango has become the flavor of the season, ever since Dr Mehmet Oz claimed about its ability to lower cholesterol and suppress appetite. The weight loss industry is a multi billion industry, and claims about this super- fruit being an effective way to lose calories is certainly arousing interest. But is there truth to these claims?

While there are some who are skeptical about its 'magical' properties, there are others who can't stop singing its praises. A recent study in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease, has found that the people who took 150mg of the African Mango extract( ) have shown significant improvement in body weight. It is also said to improve the functioning of the heart, the level of LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, C-reactive protein, adiponectin, and leptin levels. And this is without making significant changes in the lifestyle of the subjects.

The fruit has a high fiber content and hence known to reduce the absorption of fat from diet. There are studies to prove that the African mango fruit modifies lipid metabolism thereby reducing cholesterol. It is also known to reduce insulin resistance.

As for the naysayers, a 2009 study trial of this fruit has concluded that continuous use of this fruit may cause side effects like headache, flatulence, and insomnia. But this was a controlled study with not more than 100 participants.

So far, there haven't been reports of adverse side effects- in fact, more and more people now claim to be fans of this fruit. The anti-oxidant properties of the fruit are known to boost energy levels, thereby leading to an increase in physical activity.

The African mango fruit is native to Cameroon and Nigeria, and is considered to be a staple food of the indigenous tribes. The members of these tribes are characterized by their slim build and have low incidence of cardiovascular diseases-something that can be attributed to a diet rich in this fruit.

To be fair on both sides, it is important to note that this super-fruit is not a substitute for exercise and a diet regimen. But it has an ability to induce weight loss and lower cholesterol. There are several websites that offer African mango reviews( ); it certainly helps to read and understand the product before buying them.

About African mango scam( ): The site is aimed at providing a comprehensive review of effective weight loss products and tips especially with African mango.

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