Waxing salon from Zurich offers painless haarentfernung, or hair removal, through sugaring

Hair Removal, a waxing salon from Zurich revolutionizes the painful traditional waxing method. Guiding themselves after the antique Shaba philosophy, they use only natural ingredients.
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Zurich, Switzerland (prHWY.com) December 17, 2011 - Waxing is pretty much an issue related to fashion. Nowadays, fashion dictates, and it dictates hairless bodies. But when was the last time you enjoyed a painless waxing? Well, better put, when was the last time you enjoyed waxing? It is painful, ingrown hair may appear and it is an awful practice for your skin. Hair Removal from Zurich, Switzerland, has come up with a pain-free solution to traditional waxing: sugaring.

Hair Removal is a company led by a Shaba cosmetician with more than 10 years of experience with everything that is related to haarentfernung, or hair removal. Shaba philosophy encourages painless waxing methods, using only products of highest quality. At Hair Removal clients can take pleasure in listening to relaxing music on comfortable couches, free wireless internet and even a bar. And the haarentfernung services are irreproachable.

Shaba supposes using only natural products, and this is what cosmeticians do at Hair Removal. Natural ingredients such as sugar, water and lemons are the key elements of a sugar-gel treatment. Sugaring is known as a less painful waxing method, with long lasting effects. Zuckergel, or sugar gel, guarantees 4 to 5 weeks of hair-free body and, if used regularly, it even declines the rate of hair growth. The advantages are numerous, from being the most gentle and pleasant hair removal method, to providing a tender peeling of dead skin.

Now, waxing may have become more pleasant, but still ingrown hair represents a great issue. Nonetheless, Hair Removal offers a solution to this itchy problem. "PeelSilk", a 100% natural exfoliating glove represents a great remedy for ingrown hairs. Through a thorough scrub, the peeling glove proves highly effective and its lifetime can stretch up to one year. It also comes in different versions: for the whole body, for the face and for children.

More details about these products, as well as info about hair removal methods can all be found on Hair Removal's site, www.hair-removal.ch. There you may also find contact information as well as address and telephone number. Online booking is also available.

Traditional methods of waxing have proven efficient up to the matter of pain. Sometimes the best answer lies in the past, and the answer to painless waxing is to be found in ancient Shaba philosophy: sugaring - it is a more pleasant alternative to waxing and it provides numerous advantages. Hair Removal salon from Zurich, Switzerland, offers professional Shaba sugaring.

Company Name: Hair Removal GmbH - Haarentfernung Zürich
Contact Name: Mike Kohlmann
Contact Email: hair-removal-zuerich@gmx.ch
Contact Phone: +41 (0) 44 350 26 26
Contact information: http://hair-removal.ch


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