Kefir Weight Loss: Beneficial Bacteria Body Fat Buster

Kefir weight loss pro-biotics for a flat belly and healthy fast weight loss. Kefir is an ancient food that deserves to be included in your diet.
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New York, NY ( December 16, 2011 - Probiotics Aka Fermented Dairy Foods Help To Fight Fat

Fermented dairy foods such as traditional kefir and yogurt are packed with active cultures which provide much needed "good" bacteria that help the body fight off the undesirable ones. So that is the bacteria balance in your body sorted out. But what has this got to do with weight loss? Pro-biotic dairy is a prominent item on many supermarket shelves throughout the world and this super food is finally getting better known in the USA. Mainly due to its ability to normalize metabolism thereby it can be used as an aid for weight loss. Cultured dairy; revered as an overall health product, is proving worthy of such a title and many European countries have their own adaptation of this special type of fermented dairy product. Studies into the health and weight loss benefits of Kefir give those that love dairy foods an alternative to watery non fat unappetizing additions to their diet. provides the reader with interesting information and diet tips on kefir from many different viewpoints.

Ohio State University pro-biotic researcher Steven Hertzler stated over 5 years ago that: "Both kefir and yogurt improve lactose digestion simply because some of the bacterial cells give up their lives in the intestinal tract, release their enzymes and digest the lactose. It's a one-shot deal. However, kefir has additional microorganisms that may be able to colonize the intestines and benefit health further by protecting the intestine against disease-causing bacteria."Kefir seems to aid our lactose digestion and evens out blood sugar too, hugely important to those wishing to lose weight. There is a feeling of appetite satisfaction and if Kefir is included in the daily diet, weight loss and improved well being is the happy side effect. was founded in 2011 to provide up to date information about new and innovative fermented dairy products, especially kefir coming on the market. The site also offers a range of articles and useful tips for the weight loss and health information seeker.

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